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Need professional advice on which engine/framework/language to use...

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I'm using Windows and want to develop a 2D iOS and Android game (I will have a Mac by the time I need to publish it).

I've been looking at and trying out almost all engines which enable me to do this, but I don't want to really start developing until I know I have the right one, so please help me out.

I am experienced in Java (and a bit in other languages) but learning a new language is not a problem if the resulting game will be better.


The ones that are currently on the top of my list are:

- Marmelade

- cocos2D-x

- Citrus (Starling, Box2D)


If you know a better one please do suggest it, or tell me which you think is best. :p


Thanks in advance.

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I suggest using Unity 3D, even though it is a 3D engine it has 2D support now. It is by far more powerful and full featured than any of the ones you listed. Also you can leverage the skills you learn on it more so than those other ones. 

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For my multi platform 2D game projects, I use HaxeFlixel. (

It is a library for the cross platform open source programming language 'Haxe' (


It is not as powerful and full featured as Unity, but it is totally free.

Depending on the complexity of you project, it might be worth a try. Take a look at the showcases and demos on the website.

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I heavily used Cocos2d-x, we did a few titles with it, and here's what I can say:


Good things:

- lots of flexibility, opensourced, you can do whatever you want with it

- lots of extensions, tools supporting it ad hoc

- great performance

- nice api for scenes and transitions

- many other...


Bad things:

- quite difficult touch handling

- opensourced, so sometimes stability isn't perfect (although, you can always fix!)

- you have to like c++ (I do)

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Using Unity for creating a game for iOS is required to have a MAC.

You can use Haxe/AS3.

To use marmalade will cost you 15$ a month.



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