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Langa Claudiu

"Watch out" game ideea

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Hi guys,

First of all, I want to apologize if you will find any writing mistakes in my post im not originally from UK or USA.
Second of all, I want to make this clear for everyone, my game ideea is a MMORPG so.. It's all theoretical.
Third of all, I'm not an aggressive guy so please be onest if u decide to give me a feedback and tell me the hole naked true.
So, let's get started. I've been thinking at a game which can connect 3 successful games ideas ( APB Reloaded, Word of Warcraft and League of Legends). The basic game ideea is the conflict between the cops and the terorists who are entering into a world( like in LoL) in groups of 7 ( any of them has to play a role: the guy who can crack the doors, the safe, deposit boxes, survialence cameras and archives where you can find informations about the cops you are fighting against. The snipers which are 3 and have to sit on the top of others buildings around the casino, bank or whatever you choose to rob and let the other know if there are any cops comming, the ghostman who is responsible with the evidence and by evidence I mean cleaning the fingerprints, the hairs, the dead persons arrownd, the driver, well I guess I don't have to explain that much here, I mean .. Anyone of us knows what the driver have to do, and the hitman who can deal more damage to the cops or citzens arrownd) . Enough said about terrorists let get to know the good guys too . They are 5( the detective who has an incarsed skill to find the evidence let behind by the robers I mean... He will easier obtain informations from the witnesses, see the amprents, drops of sweat, blood or hairs. The second is able to easyer locate the snipers and take them out by arresting them or killing them before they get to report anything to the other bandits. He is able to deal more damage than the detective. The third is going to be responsable with the healing, because the cops are only 5 but they got a healer in they're crew which is a big advantage. The healer will deal a reasonable damage too. Then we have the tank. The tank is that cop whit a big, fat life but who's dealing a low amount of damage. And the last is going to be the driver. The important thing is that the cops can all drive the car but the driver can push the speed limit of the car and he can control the traffic by turning on the red and the blues lights on the car) and they have a huge advantage: they can swamp the roles between them. I while the guy who can locate the snipers is dead. The other ones can locate the snipers on minimap too but is going to be harder because the mark(where the snipers are) on they'r minimap will least less. This is going to be possible just in the cops crew. If the terrorist's driver will be killed, they will have to walk until the driver is respawning. I also forgot to mention that the snipers locator( I got to find a appropriate name for him too) will only can locate 2 of the snipers in the same time.
I forgot to mention before that every player can buy his weapons, lunets, grenades, armor, bullets, clothes, gloves, hats, pants, gun colors, tattoos from the home screen where you can pretty much do whatever you want stuff like buying, manage you account, donate, see your statistics, look up your position in ranked( I don't think about that too long because I wanted to see what you guys think about this game ideea and then think at the home screen and stuff like that).
After reading this you will probably ask yourself what does World of Warcraft has to do about it ? Well, here is your answer: the players will be able to chose and buy they're armory depending on the class they chosen. For example the hitman is able to equip weapons which are dealing a big amount of damage, but they will not be able to equip heavy armors like the cops' healer for example. Also an important detail is that the cops will be able to see on the map the place where terrorists are just after the terrorists started to rob. After the cops are able to see the place the terrorists chosen they will have a time to take the terrorists down. If the terrorists are taking the money and the gold from the robed place and they will be able to keep them away from cops for like 5 minutes they win. If the cops will take the money from them and will actually keep the money for 5 minutes then the throphy is going to the cops. Another important thing is that all of the bandits are going to be able to keep a amount of money, drugs, gold on them so when they get dead the cops will take that amount on they're side. When the match is over any player will receive his amount of money ( money that will buy the staff u need in the match).
I am sure that I forgot to mention a lot of details and I am also sure that there are many aspects which are simply "out of my league".
Sorry for my English one more time I'm sorry if the ideas are not logical structured. I will be waiting for your opinions, and I hope you liked it.


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This topic is 2069 days old which is more than the 365 day threshold we allow for new replies. Please post a new topic.

If you intended to correct an error in the post then please contact us.

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