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Looking for the right application to develop a Lobby

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Hi everyone


I'm working on a proyect for the university. I need to develop a lobby similar to the one that  "League of Legends" has


An application with requires and account, and once you are logged in you can add friends, chat with them, and start a game related with it.


My question is, what should I use to develop the lobby?


 I would like to use Java or C++ as programming language, just because those are the languages that I control the most, but I could learn others. I've been reading about CEGUI, but I would like to know other options and your opinion about it.


League of legends lobby is made in Adobe AIR, but I don't see that like a good option because everything I see in the forums of the game are complains about how it works.


What I want is an application that helps me a lot with the appariance of the application but giving me enough freedom to customize my buttons and skins.  So I can focus on programming everything that works beyond the application but without forgiving the design.




Thanks very much

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Of the 2 languages you mentioned, it would take less time to develop in Java.

 Server/Client socket I/O, and graphics interface can be created in less than a day by an experienced programmer .

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