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How would you handle this?

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I have an ideea for a game but I can't figure exactly how to make make the hard part.


The hard part is, The game is 2D,and it would have a terrain texture. That terrain texture will be cut, so it will appear like there are hills.But the problem is,I have to cut that texture and display it forever,because I want to make a sidescroller. (so the hills will be procedurally generated in realtime)


Cutting the texture wouldn't be such a problem,what worries me are the physics.If I were to somehow write a function to find the points at the edge of every hill and make a shape for collision detection,that might take just too much time,given the fact that the terrain has to be cut TOO,before doing that.


forgot to say,the game would be for android,so I don't have PC resources.



And how should I cut the texture? Should I just check if the height of each pixel is bigger than the height of the generated point's?

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I'd do a couple of google searches like:


procedurally generated side scroller

procedurally generated side scroller tutorial


and get to reading.


And instead of generating the texture and finding where you should "split" the texture. It might be faster to reverse that. Generate a collision map, and figure out how to fit the texture to your collision map.


- Eck

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