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Programming method (what do you think?)

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For instance, say you wanted to create a calculator program and then you start your ide which presents an empty form with absolutely nothing on it. You then divide the form into different parts and then specify the names and functions of each of those parts.
Name: close_button Function: end
background_color: red

Name: textbox
function: {

operator (+, -, /, *)

name: add_button
function: add{int, double, float}
operator: +

name: subtract_button
function: subtract {
int, double, float}
operator: -

name: multiply_button
function: multiply {
int, double, float}

name: divide_button
function: multiply{
int, float, double}
operator: *

Say that's a calculator with a gui, is it too verbose?

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Personally, I think it looks sparse.

There is not enough information provided to allow any decent amount of customization.


Also, the event handling looks much to rigid.. do buttons only ever fire off a single type of event? The textbox has two event? or does a single event fire two functions? If it has two events, which event does the first function map to and which the second? Is the order important?


I think you'd have trouble maintaining the code... if you dropped the project for two months and came back, would you really be able to remember exactly what everything actually meant? 


I don't mean to be hard on the code... I just think that this might be a case where Verbosity is a necessary nuisance, otherwise you'll end up with too much indecipherable information. 

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I actually forgot what gui meant because i've been programming in the console. That's why i was worried if the language design was too verbose because programming in the console is less like the code example.
After searching for something similar in Qt, i think it's good but needs improvement.
@paragon: order won't matter and the textbox won't have just two events. I just used as an example.

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