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Artur Micha? Gda?ski

Flappy Boo Ghost - probably just a next 'flappy like' game

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Hey guys!

This is my first post on forum, so .. be nice please - hope I'm not 'breaking law' or something..

Last days I've created a "flappy game" - not really much - mine graphics, the code is partly from engine samples.


I'm quite experienced video games developer, but in HTML5 I'm just a beginner. My next objective is to rewrite this game in some normal (or at least fully featured) html5 engine, currently it runs on PandaJS and.. I'm not really happy with it.


If you're not yet too bored with those flappy games, or just want to make a 5min break - please check it out and comment smile.png





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fir    460

Quite ok, nice graphical setting.. easier then flappy (got 5 high score after plying a while but i feel i could go to 10 maybe more, much easier then flappy and less aggrieviating, but still aggreviating)

besides Im not a big fan of flappy one, it is really aggreviating 

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