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Design your own Skylander style game using Twinsprite platform

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We are a group of friends with a background in development and internet of things. Our vision is to give each toy a story. A story that is written by any child when he interacts with his toy in the digital world. We believe in this concept and we have dedicate in collaboration with several game developers, a lot of months developing a platform called Twinsprite. We have just opened the platform registration and documentation. We would like to invite you to create your own vision about toys and games at http://developers.twinsprite.com


Let me convince you providing you more information about Twinsprite:


What Twinsprite is?

Twinsprite is a platform that links toys and games, making each toy unique and make a toy very easy to integrate in a game.


How Twinsprite does it?


Making each toy unique: each toy needs a universal unique identifier that works as a key to access all their experiences.


Storing toy data in the cloud: each toy experience acquired playing in a device is stored in the cloud.


Allowing continue the story anywhere: this mean in any device and any game. The consequence of put the unique identity and cloud storage concepts together, provides the base to implement multi-device and multi-game support features. This is where magic starts to happen. And we can cover scenarios like these:

  • If you are a diablo style game lover you could store all your paladin acquired skills, items and game progress in your unique figure, and use it to continue playing the same game in a friend mobile device, scanning a QR code or using an NFC tag.

  • You could use your paladin acquired skills and items, in different games via your figure.

  • You could unlock special skills or game levels using physical objects like acquiring a shield for your paladin figure.


Making interactions between digital and physical worlds easier: the interactions between the physical and digital worlds using Twinsprite are driven by the action of read a toy identity stored in a physical media. It must be an intuitive action, and the user need to get feedback as fast as possible. At the moment we are focused on NFC and QR codes but any media capable of store a small amount of data is valid. To speed up the user feedback we are working in optimise our client side libraries.


Being no brand dependent: Skylanders and Disney Infinity are examples of  success that link physical and digital objects. But this solutions are closed, we are opening this idea to every artist and developer via an API.


Simplifying the world composing: The children writes the story, but the artists and game developers are the story world composers. They need tools to speed up the integration of our platform in their applications, it is why we provide a development portal and a set of SDKs.


What can I do with Twinsprite?

We started thinking in create a Skylander style games but some of our friends that are game developers are providing us other perspectives about include physical interactions in some parts of the game, others are thinking in 3D printing models that can interact with the game. Let’s just try yourself and design your own user experience.


I hope that you have enjoyed the explanation, feel free to explore the platform at http://developers.twinsprite.com



Twinsprite team

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