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Eclipse Gives Vague Error

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I have two projects in my Eclipse workspace:
Engine: built on top of OpenGL with other dependencies
Launcher: game launcher that uses Engine

I setup my Launcher to use Engine as a dependency under it's Properties->Paths and Symbols->References, and now, I get this error when I try to compile my Launcher project:

Errors(1 item)
make: *** [Launcher] Error 1

A Google search revealed that Eclipse's makefile could be returning an exit code of "1" instead of zero where anything that's non-zero is considered a failure. Problem is, I get no other information about it.

EDIT: I'd like to point out that I do have a main() function defined in my Launcher project, but not in my Engine project since the Engine is a shared object. My Launcher compiles just fine if I don't reference Engine. Edited by Vincent_M

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I've had some really bad experiences with Makefiles. They're manageable on smaller projects, but this one will be kind of large. This is one of the reasons why I chose to go with Eclipse. That said, I do think your suggestion is the right way to go. The makefile only changes whenever I change references/files, so maybe I can figure out how to fix this issue, then manually fix it every time a new makefile is changed.

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