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Correct texture mapping protocol

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Hi All,


I am following the Microsoft example of applying textures to primitives:

I am trying to turn it into oop code so I can adapt it to my 'game'. I am wondering how to take out the CreateDDSTextureFromFile() function and have it called first, to initialize the texture into memory.


I thought simply having a function which ONLY calls CreateDDSTextureFromFile(), to load up individual texture sheets before anything else, but when I do that in this example it just draws a black quad (I turned it from a cube into a 2d quad).


Where have I gone wrong in my thinking? EDIT - I am an idiot, was just using the wrong file path to load the texture. It works now. But part two of my question remains.



P.S Unrelated to this issue but roughly 50% of the time when I run this code the program will crash and point to

	CBNeverChanges cbNeverChanges;
->	cbNeverChanges.mView = XMMatrixTranspose(g_View);
	g_pImmediateContext->UpdateSubresource(g_pCBNeverChanges, 0, nullptr, &cbNeverChanges, 0, 0);

with an access violation reading location 0xFFFFFFFF.


But I can just re-run the build and it will again either crash or work fine. any insight onto what would cause temperamental crashes?


Edit, the original source file is from here: and I am using example07

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