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A name for the game (struggling to find an appropriate title for a sandbox game)

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I have a sandbox game nearly finished and I want to publish it. However I have a HUUUGE problem with the title. I know, you are far more creative than me, so I ask you for help.


An appropriate name shouldn't contain words like craft, block, etc. It should be somehow connected with technology, stars or the universe.  The game itself is about surviving in unfriendly world, collecting resources, building awesome machines in a realistic way or doing some magical stuff. Dimensional or space travels are also an important aspect of the project. Please keep that in mind.


I really hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance.

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Coming up with titles should be easy for you, especially since you know more about your game than any of us.


Copyright and the word "craft" rule out Starcraft. Starbound is already taken too.

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I like the ending -struct for the part about building machines.  So you could have something like Starstructors.  Something like SurvivalTech or Surviviverse or Xenotech or Xengineer Survival...

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I think it would be easier if we knew a little more about the intended feel or theme of the game. Having said that:


(and knowing that I am answering more for the general feel rather than worrying about clashes with other game names)

  • Outpost #45
  • Stranded
  • Year 5 Alone
  • Escape to the Stars
  • Starlight Reconstruction
  • Progress
  • Renaissance
  • Terraformation
  • Xenoform
  • Xengineering

Keep in mind (as much as I sometimes hate it) that inventing new words is useful from the perspective of trademarking and searching, although the spelling needs to be somewhat obvious so people will remember it.

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I like the word 'Stellar'.

Stellar <something>


Stellar Survival... Stellarvival ? dry.png

Stellar Assembly ?


Lost Star Construction? (Sounds like a company name. Maybe just 'Lost Star')

Forgotten World


Starlost Survival / Stargone Mechanic

Star Mechanisms


Forgotten Stars

Forgotten Star Builder

Forgotten Starforms / Lost Starforms

Starform Mechanic


Lost Gearshapes / Lost Starshapes


Stellar Gears? Stargear?

Stargear Survival?


Stargear Mechs?


Celestial Construction? Celestial Gears / Celestial Mechanisms

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Well, thanks for your help, but I think you've concentrated too much on stars and space, which probably won't be implemented for yet a long time. Can you think maybe of a name with word land? (like thunderland [unfortunatelly already taken by some book])

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