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Oozengard : The Ooze is Looze

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AciDGraphit3    247

Oozengard is Looze on Kickstarter!

What makes Oozengard so Special?

  • Influenced by Earthbound (I love that game!)
  • All buildings explorable/defendable
  • 30 unique NPC citizens! (normal, hero, and boss versions!)
    and many more to be revealed!!

Find out more about our game at our Kickstarter! (sorry for the video quality, still working on my video editing skills!)


Very very very early Alpha! But any spreading of the Nooze (news) is would be Oozem' (Awesome)!

Thanks for your time and stay tuned for more info and screenshots.

What makes Oozengard's Kickstarter Special?
Our Backers!
Our goals is to hit 6,000 Backers at $1 each for a grand total of *drumroll* 6,000 USD! (minus KS fees and stuff)


Oozengard Artist/Designer - Christian Berry
Music - Charlie Armour

Edited by Oozengard

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fir    460

The graphics hurt my eyes for some reason.

For me its quite OK, like it

Edited by fir

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minibutmany    1998

This project looks super cute and awesome, really nice work! But I'm afraid having a $1 maximum pledge may make the $6000 goal a little tricky, many people would have been more than willing to pledge 5 or even 10 dollars to see a project like this make it.

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AciDGraphit3    247

@fir @minibutmany
Thanks so much guys! 

Yes, multi-player is something I've been wanting to do for a while and actually, I've always designed the game to work around the core idea that you would be battling with, or against 4 other players.

As far as the Kickstarter...I've known its a bit crazy...But I'm looking at is at a "Test of Might" challenge!!! 
I've tapped out my resources, now I just need......... under 9,000...backers!

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