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Taly Turow's 'Paul Planet through the megapolis' - I published it with APPLE!

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My very first game with Apple was approved (AND NOW IN ITUNES, name 'Paul Planet through the megapolis').

I was lately working with spaceships and surfaces with chrome and... here we go. The hydroplane... I am kidding, but there is an engineering unexpectancy ( when
the spaceship is landing on the caterpillars, in video from 7 min 55 sec ).

youtube is:

Apple description is:
Little knowing what will happen upon the delivery of the secret documents, in the world of rush and space craft hero Paul Planet escapes torture on the spaceship, parachuting above port Podloris, defeating the blue alien, and leading to the all victories victory.

My life in the first class carriage starts from today on and...

why else to watch it - there is a terminator bird in it of high military rank.

if you tracked my progress before, for you definitely the new pieces would be from ( 4 min 10 sec to 8 min 34 sec ) and ( 13 min 57 sec till 14 min 59 sec ).

Meanwhile I am returning to my barbeque of one in restaurant MacDonalds, if there is any comment, advocacy may be, you are welcome.
BTW : there is link below to my new theatrical - I shaved the beard like Steve Jobs in the movie about Apple.

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