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Multiplication Master Maths Madness!

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Hi All!


Check out Multiplication Master Maths Madness Let me know what you think,


Here's the pitch.


Find numbers which work! Multiplication Master makes math fun! Beat the clock in this battle of the brains or create crazy combos! Multiplication Master Means Maths Madness!

Any feedback would be great!


Thanks everyone.


Lee Penkman.

Addicting Word Games

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Cool idea!  Just a little minor thing...  When starting the game, I was staring at the screen for some 10 seconds, expecting the game to throw a number at me or something to tell me what to do, before I had to do a mental train of thoughts to try to click all the numbers to match the "equation" on the bottom.  A short explanation or tutorial would be good.  The game in itself is fun!  


Oh and maybe a few milliseconds fade in and out the music would be good too, and maybe a tad lower volume.  It comes very abruptly, especially when you finish one level, making me jump in my seat.  Nothing wrong with the music itself at all.


Oh, another "oh"...  ;)  The timed levels are too long!  Especially when you have no set goal that will make you finish the round.  You have to wait the time out no matter what.  I see where you want to go with this, though, to compete to get the best score in a certain given time.


Last:  The music is cool, but it is so "in your face" and energetic that it wears you out after just 10 minutes of gameplay.  Maybe something calmer fits better for this kind of game?  It seems to fit a game with more "action" much better.  Also, can you add an option to mute the music, but leave the sound effects on?


And something a bit funny:


I was testing whether you just randomly generated numbers, or if you actually did some checking to ensure that you always generated numbers so that you will always be able to find a combination...  I turns out that you do generate numbers so you always will have a match.  I managed to make so that I exhausted all the combinations below a certain level, making three adjacent squares on the top that I could always click to make a match...  Always containing a '0' and another number.


And the scoring system seems to give more points if the sum you match is high.  Matching three zeroes gives zero points.  I am not sure what is best, to do that or to give a fixed number of points no matter what you match.

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Hi, Thanks so much for your feedback i totally agree with everything!


I need to make it finish when you get the green bar full and give a time bonus so you don't just feel like your waiting things out.


I agree with the music too, i made another game http://www.wordsmashing.com which has a bit more relaxing music, i should go for something like that.


Maybe ill add a bit of score no matter what.


Hopefully making the levels finish sooner will hide that bug you found! :D


Thanks so much for the great feedback :)

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