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Converting password to number

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Hi all,
As part of the login process for my game I am storing the username / password in a file. To protect this and stop people using the password I have written some code to take the password, convert this to ASCII code, preform two mathematical operations and save this to a file.
Having undertaken some testing of my code I have found a couple of things:
1) Entering "Paul" produces the same result as "luaP"
2) Entering "Lisa" produces the same result as "Bart".
Paul = 180730
luaP = 180730
Lisa = 178093
Bart = 178093
Here is the code I have written. This is taken from my game but changed slightly to work as a standalone program.
PasswordCreate$ = ""
length = 0
PasswordCreateText = 0
PasswordCreatePro$ = ""
Input "Enter a password: "; PasswordCreate$
    length = len(PasswordCreate$)
    for A = 1 to length
        PasswordCreatePro$ =  mid$(PasswordCreate$, A)
        PasswordCreateText = PasswordCreateText + asc(PasswordCreatePro$)
    next A
PasswordCreateText = PasswordCreateText  * 293
PasswordCreateText = PasswordCreateText + 62944
Print ""; PasswordCreateText
open "PassWordChecker_Temp.spf" for append as #UC
print #UC, ""; PasswordCreate$;  " = "; PasswordCreateText
close #UC
input "? "; RunChoice$
if RunChoice$ = "q" then gosub [EndOfTest]
gosub [CreatePassword]
notice "Program closed"

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"Never roll your own crypto"


If this is just for fun, or just for you and your friends or whatever, it's fun to learn how things work so doing your own crypto will be fine. Go ahead and use MD5 all you want. But if this is for something that is going on the internet, or for real users DO NOT make your own crypto algorithm. 

EDIT: Just to add, look up scrypt as well!

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Thanks for the replies.


This is for a game I am making which is for my own use with a view to letting other people download it and play it if they want.


I am limited by the programming language I am using (JustBasic) so I am trying to make it the best / most secure I can within the limits of JustBasic.

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