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Prepare for Warp - Android Space Runner

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[attachment=20157:Prepare for Warp - Screenshot 1.png]


I've recently released a free version of my Android space runner "Prepare For Warp". I've been showing this game around a bunch of local gamedev meetups, and it has had a really great reception there, and also at OGDE 2013. It would be really awesome if you all could check it out and let me know what you think!

The basic premise is simple - tilt to steer clear of the asteroids.  However, your throttle is on full open, and with nothing other than the asteroids to slow you down (unless you buy a one-use emergency brake), it gets a bit crazy, especially when the missile-launching flying saucers start coming for you!

You can buy upgrades such as better shielding, defense lasers, missiles, and better handling between missions.

It's kind of like Asteroids, Learn 2 Fly, and Temple Run all had a wild night out together.



[attachment=20158:Prepare for Warp - Screenshot 2.png]

[attachment=20159:Prepare for Warp - Screenshot 3.png]

[attachment=20160:Prepare for Warp - Screenshot 4.png]

[attachment=20161:Prepare for Warp - Screenshot 5.png]

[attachment=20162:Prepare for Warp - Screenshot 6.png]

[attachment=20163:Prepare for Warp - Screenshot 7.png]

[attachment=20164:Prepare for Warp - Screenshot 8.png]

[attachment=20165:Prepare for Warp - Screenshot 9.png]

[attachment=20166:Prepare for Warp - Screenshot 10.png]


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