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I need some advice for my game?

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So I am developing a small 2D side-scroller game (like Dust: Elysian Tale).i need some suggestions?

1. Will people play games with voices (actors)? I mean since I am a ONE man (teen I guess as I am 16) Dev team? I will add text for characters.

2. Suggestions for type of game modes? (Have a couple, want to hear more from ppl).

3. Is Greenlight (steam) hard to get into? I will probably publish on XBL (ID@Xbox).


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  You may be a long way from publishing, so those thought should be placed on the back - burner so you can concentrate on your game design and implantation first.

You do not have to be a one man (Teen) on this adventure at your age, Unless you are totally obnoxious and have absolutely no friends.  You should be able to find enough male and Female Actors (Friends whom may find this project fun and would be willing to help with voices and ideas for a verbal script).< Maybe even game direction>

  I am not familiar with the game so commenting on that.  But based on what I think you want to do, In side scroller mode I would keep things as a text based based communications.  When an event is triggered, then you can go to a background noise / sounds with the voices providing intrigue and prompting.

  Mixing a audio & Text script could be a challenge on the design side.  Use audio to set-up the situation and text to provide interaction with the player. 

Example :  Audio in a Tavern " I hear there has just been a murder at the Quiggly Hotel"

                 Player Prompts : 1) Ask Where is Hotel  2) Ask Who Got Murdered  <And so On >  Response to 1 "The Quiggly Hotel is located at 3rd Street and Main Ave

  Response to 2 "One of the guest, a Movie Star Actress Named Anna Marie


The rest is now up to you.  But that is my opinion

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