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Ming-Lun "Allen" Chou

My Game Math Series (Ongoing & Seeking New Topic Recommendations)

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Hi, everyone:


Recently, I decided to start a game math series on my blog.
Please tell me what you'd like to read to help me plan out what to write about.


Thanks smile.png


Below is a list of written posts and planned topics:




Vector Math

Linear Algebra


Coordinate Systems

  • Complex Numbers (Planned)
  • Polar Coordinates (Planned)


  • Quaternion Basics (Planned)
  • Quaternions as 3D Rotations (Planned)

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I think an article on splines (Catmull-Rom..., natural cubic splines...) would fit very nicely with the rest of the material, perhaps right after polynomial approximations.

Another question that pops up a lot is target leading, which in the usual case of constant velocities can be reduced to a quadratic equation by using the properties of the dot product. So perhaps a lesson on the dot product and its applications would be in order. Other applications could be things like ray-sphere intersection, orthogonal projection...

Just some ideas. I'll post back if I can think of any others.

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