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Crossing Souls, an A-RPG with an 80s looking style

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Hi gamedevs! 
I'm Víctor Domínguez, an indie developer who works on a videogame studio called Fourattic, from Seville, Spain. We are four guys who left their previous jobs to do what we love the most: creating games. We are working full time on this to make it happen.  
We're creating a videogame called Crossing Souls. Is an Action RPG with orthogonal 2D view with an 80s looking style, slightly similar to classics like Legend of Zelda or the most recent indie game Hyper Light Drifter. It will be release soon on Kickstarter (April). It will be availabe on Windows, Mac and Linux, but we would like to release it in consoles too.It will depend of the goals reached on KS
Hope you like it!


It’s 1986 in California. A group of friends will live the Summer of their lives after a mysterious discovery in their town’s woods. They will find an artifact whose powers they don’t understand and that will make them defy the laws of Nature, allowing them to interact between two planes of reality: life and death. This will trigger a series of unexpected events that will get them involved in a US Government conspiracy and a mysterious General who has his own plans. 
An adventure that will change their lives. 
Main Characters: 
Our group of friends in their two versions
Some scenario:


If you wanna know more, you can see our game on IndieDB, Greenlight (concept), TigSource and in our web site. We have some animations and gifs that maybe like you.

Send us your feedback! 

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We’ve been designing several locations for the game and working in lot of scripts. There are few issues with the gameplay in these scenes, but I'm going to explain a little bit the location and the goal we’ll have to achieve in each one of them.


These offices belong to a dungeon close to the end of the game. We’ve been inspired by the Shinra Headquarters from Final Fantasy 7 base to design it, but with our own style, of course. Lasers, enemies, doors with keys and a lot of puzzles are some things that keep us away from our goal, the summit. We’ve combined a military look with an Egyptian feel in order to remind the player where he is.


We already showed  you this location some time ago. It’s Chris and Kevin place, two of our main characters. They will have to figure out a way to step in the house and find out what have happened to their family. In order to achieve that, they will have to use all their abilities and the tools they have. There will be more than one way to achieve the goal. What would a kid do in this situation? Take advantage of his agility? Create a distraction? It’s up to you.


We’re in the wood behind the houses. Here we can see a little fragment of the woods. Here it’s where it all begins and we’ll get used to the basic mechanics of the game, like the character shift and the different abilities that each one have. This puzzle will show us that from time to time we’ll have to use an specific character to solve it and move on. 
Of course, our scenarios will have hordes of enemies to beat them and hidden treasures. This is an A-RPG! Although, sometimes subtlety, stealth and dialogue will be our biggest allies.
In some weeks we will show you a gameplay of each scenario where we will show you all the described above. Some have different ways to pass it, although it will depend on you.
Send us your feedback please. We want to listen everything you have to tell us!

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Hi again guys!
This has been a crazy week. We're currently working on complete gallery of secondary character: cops, town bad-asses, indians, civil war soldiers and a lot more. For now, we want to share this mix so we can know your opinion. We hope you guys like it. Thanks for the feedback!
Some characters created in collaboration with amazing NullFawkes! http://nullfawkes.tumblr.com


We want to include lot of easter eggs like this from other games, films and series in our game. This one is the first we show. Hope you like it!


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Hi guys! Maybe you think that this awesome project was stuck, but nothing further from the truth . We've been working a lot in new material. Our kickstarter campaign is closer than never! 
Finaly, we can show you some gameplay.In this short video we show you the switch of characters and the Dead Zone. Of course, all this material are in a very early stage of development. Hope you like it!
We already have some aces under the sleeve. We'll tell you more about this in a few weeks. Stay tunned!

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Hi there! This week we would like to show you a bit more of our cutscenes. We love the tv shows from the 80s like Dungeons and Dragons or Master of the Universe. So we wanted to make some animations with that exact style .  We've introduced some filters and animations with that very style that you could watch in those shows.
Check it out and send us your feedback!

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Dude, I love this! Very unique and loyal to your distinct style. I also get a the feeling it will tug at one's emotions a bit. Being an 80's kid (and Cali resident) I'm looking forward to this!

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