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Strategy Game Engine with little graphics

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I am looking to build a strategy game that will have very little graphics just like Football Manager but without showing the players. Basically It will only show numbers and achievements and maybe a a map with dots or something like need for fancy graphics.


So I am looking for a game engine that will satisfy the bellow:

1. For strategy game

2. No need for graphics

3. For Android development




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In a world of irony, not working in graphics on Android would probably make your task more difficult, not easier.  It's just not a text focused device.



With the Android requirement in place, I have to think LibGDX is probably your best fit.   The only downside there is it is built around Eclipse ( Java IDE ), which is a pain in the ass.  You can work in other IDEs, but that makes a lot of the learning materials more difficult, which presents a completely different pain in the ass.  Eclipse isnt really all that bad, until it breaks, then it's a complete nightmare, especially for a new dev.  If you decide to go the LibGDX route, ive done a tutorial series that should help you.



That said, working in Android doesnt force you to use Java.  You could easily use one of the LUA engines ( Corona, Gideros, Dreemchest, etc... ) or any other number of cross platform game libraries.  Even higher level tools like Construct or GameMaker would work, but I am not sure how free Android development would be.

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