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Need help with allegro in dev c++

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PandaBerg    112

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main(){
    cout<<"Hello World!";
    return 0;


Installing allegro seems confusing to me this is my first time using it in dev c++, I update my dev c++ using the update package manager and got allegro library and now the whole dev c++ is in chaos whatever code I use it gives me an ID returned 1 exit status even with this simple code above sad.png someone help
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Poigahn    598

If you used Dev-C++ install Pak for Allegro, When you start a New project you should Have 2 Allegro Templates in the Multimedia Tab.  Do Not use those templates for the code you are typing in above.

  Simply Create a Console Application and Give it another try

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jbadams    25676

Which version of Dev-C++ are you using?  If it's the original Bloodshed Dev-C++ there are good reasons why you shouldn't use Dev-C++.


If however it's the more up-to-date Orwell Dev-C++ you should be fine to proceed however, as covered in this post on updated versions of Dev-C++.



Did Poigahn's tip help you out at all, or do you still need more help?

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