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event distributor/switch/dispatcher

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I use this construct in my winapi code 


When i got winapi events (for example keydown, mousemove etc)

i often need it to be serviced in a couple of different places not only

one; for example mouse move can call some code in main game module but also in the hud module or yet maybe in some debug module 

- i mean mouse move will call thre handlers here


so i did some stuff like a table of pointers which can be registered 

(in this table) from each my module code who want use this, and called

in 'top' event handler routine - I mean i did some code to register 

some subhandlers to one top/main event handler (this is wnd proc



This is working ok,

I got only terminological problem here, could someone tell me which name

for this code (this is separate file-module which hold the pointer tables and 

exposes function to register subevents) would be good or okay?


can i call it 'event switch' or 'event dispatcher' or 'event distributor'? 

(I like to have some good names becouse this really is important imo)

maybe someone also used this way and got some (specyfic or general) advices or opinions on this construct/solution he could share?


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