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Michael Hayes

need testers for 16 bit platformer Maya Breaker

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Hi. I'm an indie dev from New Jersey.  I have a game I'm working on and was wondering if you'd be interested in helping me test it.


site with playable Demo


Maya Breaker is a retro 16-bit style adventure platformer.  You are given a giant claw on a chain early on. You can use this to swing from hooks and ceilings, latch onto walls and fight enemies. A massive underground world is yours to explore, but surviving won't be easy. The root of the problem are a race of carnivorous plant monsters who want to gobble you up.

Remember that feeling of swinging from hooks in Castlevania IV? Remember how upset you were when they took that out of all sequels? This is the game that fixes that. Swinging from hooks has been worked into all the puzzles, combat and boss battles of this game. You will get maximum swing for your dollar! It brings familiar platforming with new angles on puzzles to test your brain.

The main campaign will likely take 10 hours to beat on your first time through. This is not a 40 hour RPG or shooter. You will not be wandering the same halls for days--instead get treated to more boss battles and combat. After finishing the game, you should be able to speed through it in a couple of hours. 

Naturally, there are many secrets to unlock. You will be able to buy challenge rooms that you can test your skills in and try to get the best time. 
I was hoping you could give me some advice with my Kickstarter campaign. It only has a week left and I need to raise a lot!


The campaign is here:


Also on Steam Greenlight:



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