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GLSL Devil Visual C++ Question...

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I downloaded GLSL Devil in order to try and debug GLSL shader code, here:


I want to use it with Visual C++ (2010), but am not sure how to hook up GLSL Devil to Visual C++.


I tried telling GLSL Devil to load both my .vert and .frag files for GLSL, but it does not seem to do anything with them.


I used the shader set up code at -

Is this code not saving a binary file to disk that I need to connect GLSL Devil to?


Both my .vert and .frag files work at the moment - they are successfully transforming vertices and applying colors as needed.  I just want to use GLSL Devil to help debug some additional changes I need to make.

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Umm, GLSL shaders arent binary files, they're just plain text files.


#version 330 core
in vec3 inPosition;
in vec3 inColor;
uniform mat4 mvp;
out vec3 outColor;
main (void)
    gl_Position = mvp * vec4(inPosition,1.0f);
    outColor = inColor;
Thats a GLSL vertex shader. No binaries, no funky sutff, just plain text.


And that looks like a standalone tool, not a VS plugin. Load shader files, display them, do stuff with it, save them. That's it.


Though it does looks like you can debug appliactions with it, for that you'd need your exe and point GLSL Devil to it so it can launch it. Much like CodeXL.

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Hi Datahead,


i got glslDevil this weekend and as far as I understand you may generate your DEBUG version with Visual Studio and use the glslDevil to run your app.... glslDevil will monitor all GL_ calls, and you may use it to debug its values.... I think it will also load the shaders and let you step ( debug ) the shader code....


Btw.. I have no success using glsl with my application... it has something about texture loading calls.... I have no time to try a workaround or to learn glslDevl deeply... so, I will try to do it next weekend.. I will update this thread if I got some progress....

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Okay, if you find out let me know.  I gave up on using the devil debugger for this set of changes but would love to use it for the next set of changes.

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