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Tim Blankenship

2D platformer builder?

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Hello all,

A little about myself and my current project,
My name's Tim but you can call me Ghost! A friend and I are in the early stages of development on a 2D Side-scrolling endless runner that we plan to launch on Android. My friend is a recent Full Sail grad with a degree in game development (programming). I also attended Full Sail for game design but had to drop out about halfway through due to major personal issues. Anyway, while my friend is coding away I feel rather useless! While I have come up with the design for the game and put together all of the game docs I am now at a stand still. I'm an extreme beginner as far as coding is concerned and I am slowly but surely learning Java as we go but he can put out code about 100x faster than I can so i'm virtually useless at this stage of the process.

I am seeking a program that would allow me to build the world for our game (visually) so that my friend can program these sections into the game. I need a world builder/toolkit that would allow me to build 'sections' of the game world (platforms, enemy placement, power-ups, coins, etc.) using tilesets/assets that I can import. The game will call on these 'sections' randomly so that the player experiences a different run each time they play. Does anyone know of any type of free or reasonably priced program that I could use for this purpose? We intend to release this game with in-app purchases and ad's so it needs to support commercial use. 

If this should have been placed in the 2D art section I apologize but this IS level design related.

Thank you so much in advance and happy developing!

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Wow, this looks perfect thank you! Can't believe I hadn't stumbled upon this yet. You sir are a life saver, once again i'm useful haha. I don't know how pleased my friend will be as he has invested about 10-15 hours in making a pattern creator but it just doesn't do everything I need lol.

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