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Vantage: Prehistoric Simulation MMO

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I have finally gotten my game to the point where I am beginning to expand the player base beyond a few testers, and I am now starting to advertise and expand the exposure of the game.
Vantage is a Prehistoric Simulation MMO.  Your main objective is simple... to stay alive!
You explore the massive world searching for food, creating primitive tools and weapons to create, hunt, and craft other items to make your life
Create fires at night using some tinder and wood so you don't freeze at night.
Build a hut to live in and call 'home'.
Find wild plants, take their seeds and plant crops to become more self-sustaining.
Create some clothes to keep yourself warm and well protected, by skinning dead animals and tanning the hides.
And much, much more!
Vantage is a game I have been working on longer than I care to say.  It is my life's work and I am proud to still be working on it, and I
believe in the concept of the game and I hope that other people do as well, and find the game fun, entertaining, and also educational.
The game is based heavily around a complex crafting mechanic.  You must craft all the items you need to survive.  In addition, a lot of
research is done to make the crafting mechanics for each item as realistic as possible.  For example: to make a fire, you need a wood spindle,
wood hearth, and some tinder (dry grass for example) just like in primitive times.  You attempt to make the fire with those items and you may fail
if your skills are not good enough.
The game engine is my own custom engine I call VantEdit.  The engine renders a fully seamless world (no loading screens) of any definable size.
The world is created using a tectonic plate simulation system that simulated millions of years of tectonic shifting, collision, and terrain
erosion, etc.  The final result is completely terraformed using my custom terraforming algorithms, and the final world is streamed to the user
as they play.
You can interact with every single item within the game, from trees to rocks and animals.  Depending on the size of the world, there can be
millions of objects, or more!  You can take an apple from one of thousands of apple trees, or extract the water from a cactus and take it
with you in newly created coconut cup.
My ultimate objective for the game is to make a complete technological skill tree for people to play through, from primitive times all the way
to modern times.  By implementing items, skills and crafts one at a time.  The VantEdit interface has a full editor system to quickly and easily
allow for me to do this.
But of course, the absolute main object of the game is to make it fun!  If the game is not fun, there is no reason to make it!
Currently the game is completely free to play, I would greatly appreciate and suggestions/comments/bugs you can give me, it would be extremely valuable and helpful to me.
A full interactive in-game tutorial is included as you play the game.
Direct Vantage Download link (installer):
Vantage Facebook page (currently the main community page):
You can also email me with any questions/bugs at
Thanks, and enjoy!

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seems somewhat similar to my current project:


game description:


screenshots gallery:






only thing i notice is that you include primitive agriculture, which is technically neolithc, not paleolothic. 


FYI, a wood spindle and wood hearth are also known as "firesticks". And don't forget the firebow tool, if you have't implemented it yet! <g>


I've been working on this version of Caveman for about 2 years now, and its almost done.


The game type in and of itself a proven winner.  My original version of Caveman back in 2000 got free TV press coverage, it was so popular.

Edited by Norman Barrows

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That looks amazing!  Ill definitely check it out!  And I agree, I believe this type of game is going to be huge which is why I have spent so many years working on it.


I do realize the farming was later, but for now I am just attempting to implement various types of crafting systems to diversify the game play mechanics, and also items and crafts like the bow drill for firemaking are items I will slowly add in.


Overhauling the game into an MMO took a very large amount of time, but now the way has been cleared to make a great deal of content.

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for now I am just attempting to implement various types of crafting systems to diversify the game play mechanics


different  _kinds_  of things you can make?  or different kinds of crafting, like alchemy vs smithing in Skyrim?


In Caveman, the basic categories are: tools, weapons (some tools can be used as weapons), armor, clothing, containers, shelters, and landmarks. and you can prepare different types of food and drink. and of course, you can repair everything that's repairable, as the game models object quality, weathering, wear and tear, spoilage, etc, and and takes into account the quality of all objects used for any action.


Overhauling the game into an MMO took a very large amount of time, but now the way has been cleared to make a great deal of content.


understandable. the networked leap is big (been there, done that), MMO is even bigger (same idea, more players, dedicated servers).


since you plan to expand the game to include later time periods, you can add whatever seems right. only trick will be separating those that want to play with newer technologies from those that want to play being a caveman.


as far as content goes, i'm finding there's a limit as far as a given time period is concerned. you really only need enough content so there's some way to do just about anything anywhere, if you even want that much.  an example: making certain kinds of weapons required cordage and some type of natural "glue" to haft the point onto the shaft. Cordage can come from a variety of sources, sinew, reeds, vines, certain plants and barks, etc. But there's no need to implement them all if you can find some material almost anywhere.  IE: redundant content for content's sake is no content at all.  Another example, the coconut canteen from you game. other historic materials used for that container include gourds in the americas, and large eggs in sub-saharan africa (can you tell i've done a LOT of research to ensure simulator accuracy? <g>). but there's no need to implement them all if you have coconuts everywhere.    ; )

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Thanks Rendered World, I hope you like the game, it is free to download and play if you wish to check it out!


And Norman you are right about how content is implemented. I could make 20 types of cordage and put it into the game, but for now I am just implementing 1 or 2 of each type of object for crafting purposes.  It obviously takes a while to create new meshes and put them into the game, so I rather spend that time getting gameplay mechanics for new items and crafts into the game, and come back later and add the diverse objects later.

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