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glTexEnvi using GL_REPLACE?

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From the OpenGL Blue Book, the glTexEnvi() function definition is the following: void glTexEnvi(GLenum target, GLenum pname, GLint param) PARAMETERS . . . param - Specifies a single symbolic constant, one of GL_MODULATE, GL_DECAL, or GL_BLEND. but in the book "OpenGL Game Programming, I see glTexEnvi() used with GL_REPLACE in the "param" parameter lots of times. The first time I noticed it, I thought "that''s probably an error, if I check the source it should be corrected" and so I did... but it was just the same as in the book. And when I tried to compile it, I expected an error but it runs just fine! Can someone explain me why and what does that parameter do? Thanks Raúl

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GL_REPLACE basically tells the renderer to skip the current color and just use the texel colors--if you use GL_MODULATE then if you make a call to glColorx() your textures will be filtered to that color too.

i.e. if you call glColor3f(0.0, 0.0, 1.0) and then draw a texture triangle, the texture will only contain it''s blue elements. The same triangle drawn after you engage GL_REPLACE will appear in it''s "true" colors regardless of the current color.

At least that''s my understanding.

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So for every fragment of a polygon needs a color.
The polygon starts with a colour C.
The texture has a colour T.
And F is what the color ends up as.

The polygon ends up the colour T.
F = T

The polygon''s original colour and the texture colour are multiplied together.
F = CT

This is just like GL_REPLACE, unless you specify an alpha for your texture. Then part of the original polygon colour is made to shine through the texture. Kind of like a bad wallpaper job where you can see the paint behind it.

This is a bad wallpaper job all the time.

Hope this explains it. This is kind of a simplified explanation, but check this link for the exact mathematical equations:

And you may be look in version 1.1 of the bluebook and version 1.2 of the redbook.

Somebody correct me if I''m wrong, but GL_REPLACE may have been added in the 1.2 spec.


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Thanks for your explanations.

Screaming Lunatic, I thought about that (GL_REPLACE being added in the 1.2 spec) but since I don''t have access to the more recent versions of the book...

Well, thanks again, everybody!

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