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Rendered World

ActionRPG Indie Project - Dungeons of Daggerhelm

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Hello everyone!


My friends and I are a part of Rendered World, a fledgling indie game company. We are creating our first game in Java called Dungeons of Daggerhelm. It is an ARPG similar to Diablo and Realm of the Mad God except with loads of interesting twists of our own. If you have ever played either of these games, you'll have a basic idea of what DoD is all about: 4 unique playable classes (Paladin, Battle-Mage, Sorcerer, Ranger), lootable armors and weapons, dozens of enemies, bosses with unique and challenging abilities, multiple randomized maps with environment themes (snow, mountains, caves, Hell, heaven-like area), a leveling system to keep track of your character progress, and lastly, 4 player cooperative play. More content will be added along the lines of this, such as more classes, more enemies, in-depth environments and more dynamic bosses.


Currently, the game is pre-prototype stage. We currently have several important elements of the game already in place:

-mob animation logic

-player animations with cross-class animation logic

-player sprites for the Ranger, Paladin and Sorcerer

-particle spawners for explosions, collisions, blood and magic

-high definition spawn area sprites (grass, brick, mossy brick, wooden floor, which were recently updated)


Planned elements to be added to the game in the future include:

-enemy AI and sprites

-map portals

-randomized maps


-main menu options


These will be a part of an active prototype.



If you want to follow Dungeons of Daggerhelm's progress, you can check our game profile out here on IndieDB. That is where all of the latest news, images, screen shots and videos will appear.


We are always interested in hearing constructive comments from our viewers as to what features the community would like to see in our game. The basic framework of our game is how we want it to be; however, we take all suggestions very seriously and we make sure to have plenty of interaction with the community of gamers interested in our game. Any suggestions for the direction of DoD is greatly appreciated.


Again, we're in very early stages of development and things are highly likely to change in appearance and operation. The community will have a large influence on those changes. We realize that there is not much to go on as far as visible content, but hopefully within the next few months we will be able to introduce interactive media to help you see where we're trying to go with DoD.


Thank you for reading this far and we hope to hear from you soon!


The Rendered World Team


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We're busy churning out important updates! Here are some we've been working on lately:


- Non-random persistent first map area

- Text box for NPC interaction and lore

- Animated blood

- Killable enemies


Future updates:


- Player health logic

- Neutral NPC named Holly who will (eventually) sell potions!

- First boss of the game

- NPC text-based dialogue

- Lootable chests with starter gear for Ranger!


Also! Also! We will be selectively distributing our developed game prototype of Dungeons of Daggerhelm on or before February 25th! Please send us a message to find out how you can join in on private testing!


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You might wanna add some pictures right in your post, otherwise most people won't even bother reading it :)


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