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Zpocalypse: Survival -When a post-nuclear zombie apocalypse is your world, will your survivors see another day?

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Zpocalypse: Survival is a game about exploration and survival in a gritty post-nuclear zombie apocalypse setting. Your job is to help a group of survivors attempt to eek out an existence and build a place for themselves in a brutal world. You will need to scavenge for supplies and food, find and fortify a shelter, recruit other survivors to your cause, defend your people, and attempt to grow and expand, facing challenges every step of the way. 




We have been working on developing our pre-alpha demo over the last seven months. I've included the only video we have at the moment showing off the recently implemented FoW/LoS system.



When starting a game of Zpocalypse: Survival, the player will be able to choose a theme for their post-apocalyptic world as they unlock them through gameplay. This theme will determine the look and feel of the world, some themes may be more dangerous than others and perhaps have special conditions associated with them (for example a radioactive waste themed world having more radiation zones, more radiated zombies and a higher chance for survivors to get radiation sickness).

The world will be broken into a number of Areas, with each Area will have its own unique feature. For instance, in a Town themed world, one Area might be a house with a yard, while another Area might be a school playground. The layout and content of Areas will be procedurally generated when the world is created.

One could argue that the entire point of going out into the world in Zpocalypse: Survival is to scavenge. When out in the world, besides staying alive, the goal of the player will be to find stuff to scavenge and bring back to base for use in shoring up its defenses and improving its quality.

During the course of the game, players will control numerous characters in the wasted lands of the zombie apocalypse. To highlight the brutality of the Zpocalypse, this game will be designed with a high turnover rate of characters in mind; players will lose characters often to starvation, disease and zombies. To this end, the character stats will be quick and easy for the player to understand and use and the character advancement system will be light but still interesting.

There are 3 Roles that every character will fall into: Fighter, Bruiser and Smarty. Each Role has their own strengths and weaknesses and a unique advancement tree. Within their advancement tree each Role will have opportunities to further differentiate themselves even from other characters with the same role.

The central nexus around which all games of Zpocalypse: Survival revolve is the player’s Base. This Base is where the player’s survivors have gathered to try and eek out an existence in the Zpocalypse. It is where their characters sleep at night (hopefully), where they store their food and supplies, and where they craft the tools and equipment their group will need if they hope to survive for one day more.

Base Center
Bases will be defined by their Base Center, which is a safe location in which the characters can retreat to in an emergency and where all the supplies and gear found by the player are stored. The quality of the player’s Base Center determines the quality of the Base entire. The better the Base Center the better stuff the player can craft, the more survivors they can have in their band and the more storage space available.

The major threat to characters in the zombie apocalypse is, of course, zombies. Zombies will have stats, just like characters. These stats will be used for combat purposes to determine how hard the zombie is to kill, and how dangerous they are if they get too close to a character. Initially there will be two types of zombies you will encounter Day Zombies and Night Zombies.

Zombies will have multiple levels of physical degradation. Zombies degrade usually from the result of combat, though when encountered, they will be given a random state for variety.

Combat in Zpocalypse: Survival will be a brutal but measured affair. Most times the player will have ample opportunity to make good tactical choices, both because the pace of combat will be slower than most RPG style games, but also because our pause feature will allow the player to take the time they need to review the situation and make decisions if he chooses.

That said, combat will still be hard and brutal. We WANT characters to die because we WANT the player to feel the pressure of keeping their survivor numbers up, alongside all the other things we put on his/her shoulders. Players can take their time to plan their strategies, but if something goes awry, if zombies get too close or appear where they were not expected, then things could go horribly wrong right quick.

Events will be used to add setting and story flavor to the game in interactive and exciting ways. Some events will be scripted and some will be semi-scripted occurrences. These events could play out a larger story arc or they could be simpler occurrences that add flavor and something unique to your current experience. While one of the key aspects of the game is trying to survive we want to make your survival experience interesting, especially when you playthrough multiple times. The base game is not about winning or losing, instead it is about the drama and sometimes comedy that goes on while you try and survive.

AI Manager
The AI system will do more than simply control NPCs. It will also work to keep the game interesting and different. Modeled after the AI Directory from Left 4 Dead it will keep track of your game and will work to keep things interesting by creating events or tapping into deeper stories dependent on your game play and the choices you make.

What makes us different?
Zombie games are a dime a dozen nowadays so you are probably wondering why you would want to play this over one of the many others. So here are a few key points that differentiate us from many of the other games out there.

  • 3D procedurally generated world – Every building and their combination to make up the world will be different from the last time you played all in 3D. No sprites here! (well at least not for the game world or characters)
  • Dynamic Stories & Events – While the game is not purely story driven there will be events and elements of story depending on how you play the game. Each event is built to compliment the area it is associated with, not just make each play through different. We want to bring the world to life. Our AI Manager will help to keep the world interesting.
  • Nuclear + Zombie Apocalypse – The Zpocalypse universe is one that isn't limited to zombies and scavenging. The world as we know it today is gone, but that doesn't mean that there is only one thing raising hell in the world.
  • Rogue-lite survival hybrid – When your survivor or squad dies it doesn't necessarily mean it is the end of the game. This gives us a lot of power as developers as we can put deadly mechanics in the game that would otherwise be unfair in a normal rogue like games. We want squad members to be important and cherished but this is the apocalypse and people die and stay dead - unless of course they come back as a new undead enemy.
  • Day/Night – There is only so much time in the day before the darkness comes and the real danger begins. With our Day/Night system you have to really decide how you want to handle your time and get ready for the night when you may be forced to defend yourselves from the hordes of zombies.
  • Base Building/Management/Defense – This is the yin to the exploration/scavenging plays yang. You are not just out scavenging to try and survive for yourself. Instead you to try and build up a safe place. Somewhere that you can band together with more survivors and have people work to build a new community and survive this harsh world. You are not a superhero you will need others help to make it in this world.
  • Physical to Digital – Unlike most games that start from scratch or go from digital to physical eventually, we already have a physical game that we are basing our digital title on. This means we already have a great design base to start from, we already have an existing fan base, and we already have a LOT of story to pull from and expand the game into the future. Also as we expand the physical game it gives us more content to expand the digital game and vice versa.
  • Merging genres – We draw a lot of inspiration from our favorite games like FTL, Project Zomboid, Fallout, XCom: Enemy Unknown and more. We are taking the pieces that we love in all these games and bringing them together into a new zombie game we hope everyone will love!

You can check out our development progress over at http://www.indiedb.com/games/zpocalypse-survival . I try to post an update weekly and will be sure to update here whenever a new post is up. There is a lot more screenshots and info already available about the game there.

To learn more about Greenbrier Games you can check out our site at http://www.greenbriergames.com/gbg/

Thanks in advance for any feedback, and stay tuned for updates about the demo!

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