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Feedback for a Rapid Design Defense Game

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Hey guys, I have a Rapid Designed game that I'm looking for some feedback from.


The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible, defending the bottom

of the screen from enemies.

There is a upgrade screen, however that is just temporary.

At the moment there is no art or sound, as I am focused on mechanics only.



The purpose of this prototype is for me to try out different systems I plan to use

for a mini-game in my web-based game. The finished version will have quite a few

different features, and the stats such as number of "shooters" and weapon speed,

damage, etc will be taken off of their group stats & equipment.


So then, what do I need from you?

Feedback. Play through the mini-game, and tell me how the mechanics feel. Enemies

too fast? Abilities too powerful? Not just that, but you're experience with the game helps

me too. For example, there's the good kind of frustrated(Such as in the Binding of Issac, where you

know only you are to blame for your death), and the Bad kind of frustrated(Via horrible Controls, such

as in Resident Evil). Any feedback helps me change the mechanics, and grow the idea.


I also welcome ideas for other mechanics that may play nicely with these ones. Please note, however,

that the "upgrades" screen is a stopgap measure at the moment, and will not be Incorporated in

the final mini-game.


Game Events

-The number of enemies generated is tied to your score. Higher score, more enemies.

-Every 5000 points, all enemies get a additional hit point.

-For every 500 points, you can summon 1 blocker.

-For every 1000 points, you can summon between 5 and 15 mines.

-You only get one shield at the moment. I may change that depending on feedback.



None so far!


(You can also find my current build here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByzWacV9yRPMbmo4OHQ4Tk94RUk/edit?usp=sharing)



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The aiming mechanism is off. See if the hot spot is centered correctly for the shooting object, the target and the bullet.


The shields are far too powerful. Once they're up, I can concentrate fire in a small cone in the center.


When retreating, you automatically get a new blocker.


When retreating, your score goes to zero, resetting the difficulty, but if you retreat to the options/upgrade page, your points are back.


That's about it for now.

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