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[Official] Anime Pirates - One Piece Online Game! [International Version]

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Background Story:

[spoiler]It starts with the last words by Gol D. Roger just before he was executed: “You want my treasure? I will give it to you, but… You have to look for it! I’ve collected all that exists in this world and hidden it in that place!” The words of the infamous ex-Pirate King sparked the spirits of pirates around the world, and from that moment on, the pirate’s activities in this world increases exponentially as they scramble their best crew to seek the hidden treasures and claim the title of the deceased Pirate King.

The World Governments together with the Marine (Navy) strongly resists the presence of pirates and attempts to control the situations associated with the pirates’ actions around the world. There are circulating rumors claiming that there is a pirate who has the knowledge and also information about an ancient weapon that could possible lead to the destruction of the world.

And now the battle has begun, the Marine attacking the pirates, the Captain fought bravely in battles against the Marine forces and managed to escape their devastating siege. When things calmed down after sometime, they anchored their ship in a small village—Windmill. The pirate’s Vice-Captain appoints you to be the new Captain and lead the pirate crew to restore and retrieve, the legacy of the Gol D. Roger, the former Pirate King.

The adventure begins here in Anime Pirates!

Video Trailer Anime Pirates


The Summoner is a little girl that comes from a coastal village. When she was 13 years old, together with her brother they both opened an equipment store for the adventurous. The store was named the “Ocean Blue Star”. One day they discovered a Devil Fruit, which her brother accidentally ate and turned him into a Teddy Bear form. In order to turn back her brother back into human, she decided to join the great adventures of Anime Pirates.


The Archer is a beautiful girl who originated from Sky Island. Her favourite pastime is to collect special items that are scattered throughout the world, which made her join the great adventure of Anime Pirates in the first place. Sailing towards the horizon, the endless ocean indulges her hobby of collecting items and she made it her priority in the adventure. Her dream is to find all the special items throughout the world, and a great adventure awaits her.


[spoiler]The Sword Woman is a former Marine Rear Admiral, She is very tough and her extraordinary ability sometimes made others envy her. During a battle between Marines against pirates, she was framed by someone secretly ordered from her superiors. This turn of event immediately made her a fugitive of the World Government. In order for her to find the mastermind that got her into her situation, she decides to conduct a personal investigation through the great adventure of Anime Pirates.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]The Warrior is a young boy who lives in a desert island environment, which is originally home to his native tribe that is not familiar with the ocean. Tribes on that island rarely communicate with the outside world. This in turn led to the decline of the economy in his Tribe. The young Warrior becomes very worried and consulted with the tribal elders. He was told that if he could find the legendary Treasure Ship, the island where his Tribe is will grow and be economically productive like it was before. This made the young Warrior determined to seek the Treasure Ship in the world of Anime Pirates.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]The Magician is a very mysterious and elegant man. He does not want other people to know about the problems that he is facing. As a native from Arabasta, the Magician is very intelligent and plays music well. In order to discover his personal identity and also to solve his mysterious problems, the prodigal musician Magician brought along his lovely bird, whom he named Luojia to sail in the great adventure of Anime Pirates.[/spoiler]


The gunner is a Sniper who is also a genius in gun combat, this man has an eternal rival in his life that he could not yet defeat. Every day he practices shooting until one day, a mighty duel humiliated himself because he lost to his rival. This drove the Sniper to leave home to practice and to achieve his ultimate goal, that is to beat those he considers as his rivals. “I hope you are still alive, at least until the day when my bullets enters your body, because only me, and me alone who can end your life”, he shouted out his thoughts out loud before starting this long adventure.





Memorable Moment Portgas D. Ace revive!!!



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The battle frame with Robin reminds me a little of the battles in the "Tales of" series. 

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Official Announcement

Prodigy Team would like to officially inform to you Captains, about the game service transition related to Anime Pirates.

Starting from March 17th, 2014 all activities and operations in Anime Pirates will be handled by PlayWebGames as the new Official Management and NOT related to “Prodigy Infinitech” by any means. Check the web-change details:

- New Official Website : http://anime.playwebgame.com/
- Check out the PlaywebGame Portal : http://en.playwebgame.com
- Join the Anime Pirates Community : http://forum.playwebgame.com/en
- Gold Recharge : http://payment.playwebgame.com

This transition under PlayWebGames was meant to give all players NEW Gaming Experiences, FRESH excitement and GREATER service quality in the future.

Last but not least, thank you so much for all Captains who have gave their support to ProGamers.

nb: Cherry Credits Payment doesnt work because of this change. We will keep you updated!

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MARCH 19, 2014
Ahoy Captain!
Good News Captain!! Are you ready to get new nakamas to sail your ship in Grand Line? Prepare yourself and your crews to beat new enemies that gonna ambush you anytime! Because what? Because we are going to merge the server as what you waiting for!
This time we will do merge server for 2 group:

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As you know live in the Ocean as not easy as you think. The further you set sail, the more violent storms and obstacles you meet. Well, we know how it feels when we got nothing and we need more strongest weapon!
The long waiting is coming! This time you will get more adventage to upgrade your characters, get rare pet, and even get strong title, your adventure will become more easier. You know why? Because Anime Pirates will held three interesting event at once! We will running Activity Point Award and also Flop Card Event at the same time. Interesting, right!
Lets check it out the details below:
Pirate Fund
[spoiler]Pirate Fund

1st April 2014 (00:00) – 7th April 2014 (23:59) GMT-8

This is one of Anime Pirates New Event within this month, I think you may like this one. You just need to deposit some of your Gold, and your gold will increase a little bit. More higher you deposit, more gold you can get. There is some interest (120%, 135%, and 150%) that you can get in each deposit. You can get your gold with the interest within 28 days after you deposit! This more like you save your money to use in the future…
Check this out! :
New Gold Consumption
[spoiler]New Gold Consumption

1st April 2014 (00:00) – 7th April 2014 (23:59) GMT-8

Hi Captain!

Dont you think that your current pet is not strong enough? You cant get 1st Rank on Arena, or even you cant steal the Blue Mine tongue.png ? You’re in the right path, this is the event that you really need so badly! You can get stronger with this Event, check this out, Captain!

The Event called Gold Consumption: Title “Ghost Captain” & Rare Pet “Salome”! Like the previous event, all the GOLD that you use during this period will be accumulated until it reaches certain points to get a fantastic gift!

1. Event will start 1st April 2014 (00:00) – 7th April 2014 (23:59) GMT-8
2. In this period all the accumulated gold will be accumulated to get reward.
3. Players are able to see their total accumulated usage GOLD by clicking on the Event Button.
4. Player only can receive the reward 1x for each achieved Level Reward.
ScreenShot :


*Please Clear Cache your Browser if the Event Button not shown up.

Point Activity
[spoiler]Activity Point Award
1st April 2014 (00:00) – 7th April 2014 (23:59) GMT-8
For you who always do your activity, we have a good news! Yeap, you can trade your points with the items that have been determined. You just need to hit the Point Activity Button at the top of your screen interface.LOGO.jpg
Here is the points list that you get from activity:
Reward List


Pet Reward

Talent: P.Def +2%, C.Def +2%, M.Def +2%, HP +2%, HP +1000


Moon Rabbit
Talent: HP +1000, P.Atk +100, C.Atk +100, M.Atk +100


Talent: HP +3%, P.Def +3%




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Hi Captain,

There is one thing that all Pirates in this World really want to do, guess what? Yes, to find a most valuable treasure with a direction from treasure map, and of course, ?digging it?! To satisfy your pirate desire, Anime Pirates will provide a Dig Treasure Event. The digging location is around an Impel Down.

Ah, I almost forget to tell you to Join the Arena and Flop a Cards everyday, because beside the dig event we have a Flop Card & Double Reward Arena event too. C?mon, lets start playing!

Check the details below!


Dig Treasure Event

Event will held at:
10th April (00:0 0:01) ? 16th April (23:59:59) 2014 GMT ? 8
Minimum Characters Level 50

Click on Dig Treasure icon Dig-Button.jpg in the top of your screen you will directly go to Dig Treasure Event Interface, like this:


You can start Digging now, just click anywhere at the left interface, 1 click can get 1 valuable treasure. You need to have some free slot on your bagpack to receive the treasure items. If your bag is insufficient, the items will go to Temporary Bag.

You can get this kind of cool fashion, check this :


Dig Treasure Most Valuable Items



Title: Dragon Wishes

STR +0.8, AGI +0.8, INT +1, HP +1%, HP +400

Purple & Orange Treasure Equipment

Event Condition
1. You can get 3x Free Dig everyday, after that you need to pay for 20g for 1 time digging
2. You can a batch Digging for a maximum 100x Dig/batch, make sure you have enough slot on bagpack
3. You can check what items you can get on Treasure Preview at the right side interface
4. Each VIP have different number to Gold Digging everyday, check the details below;






Event will held at:
10th April (00:0 0:01) ? 16th April (23:59:59) 2014 GMT ? 8

During the festival period, each player will receive welfare as follows:
? Berry obtained from Sailing increase 20%
? Favor obtained from battlefield increase 20%
? EXP Crew obtained from Training and Accelerate increase 20%
? Berry obtained from Kitchen production increase 20%


Every time after Sailing, Kitchen Productions, NPC Battlefield Quest, or Occupation Resources, you will get Points. Collect Points from each Activity. You can redeem 5 points with 1x Card Turn. Then, Click the card that you chose and get the prize. Yeay!

**You can receive Daily Maximum Points up to 500. Flop number remains and points will reset every morning at 04.00 AM Server Time.


Flop Card can obtain Berry, Favor, Fame, Gift Item (Charm), Vitality, Gem and other Rewards.

So, Let?s join the Festival and enjoy all the activity!




Double Reward Arena has begun, Let?s Get The Challenge

Event will held at:
10th April (00: 00 :01) ? 16th April (23:59:59) 2014 GMT ? 8


Hello Captain!
Finally came the moment that is expected by all the participants in Arena ?Double Reward Arena?. In this event, all the reward will be doubled, therefore it will make the arena becoming more attractive to be contested.

After the Arena Time is ended, players will receive Double Reward Arena! All players can join this event. The higher your rank in Arena, the greater the reward that you will get, and also the greater the competition that you will dealing with. Defeat all your enemies in arena and grab the reward.

1. Players will receive Double Reward Arena for 1 Periods
2. During the event, all the reward such as: Fame, Berry, and Favor in Arena can be doubled.
3. Players in all servers can participate in this Event
4. Double Reward Arena will be received every 3 days after the Arena time is end.




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