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unknown preprocessor directive

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ok, this is pretty lame... i am using VIDE with the borland command line compiler (bcc55), trying to compile... well, anything at all... i set up the config files like the help file said to... when i try to compile it tells me: "! Error E2048 .\testapp.cpp 1: Unknown preprocessor directive: ''inlcude''" this is ridiculous, the damned thing should know what "#include" means! i think i am missing something really stupid here... anyone have any ideas? --- krez (

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Original post by Martee
Notice the spelling - inlc ude.

oh... there is that ... ::hangs head in shame::
maybe it is time to sleep a bit, i can always program tomorrow...
(and i thought i would save time by cut-and-pasting common includes...)
--- krez (

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