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Framework or game engine with highest cross platform index?

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What framework or game engine have the highest cross platform targets? I usually see some frameworks only have maybe two target platforms while others have several. I tried using google search, but I get outdated results that are a few years old. What's the current highest target platform framework or game engine?


The only thing I can think of right now is Monkey X since it targets stuff like html5 as well as Xbox and PSN stuff. There was another one that even had NintendoDS in its list of target platforms. Among Game engines, I know that Game Maker and Game Salad target many platforms, although I don't think they target any consoles yet.

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Next version of SFML is going to support mobile devices.  If you are into 2d then that's probably the way to go.  It already supports Win, Lin, Mac.


It's capabile of 2d graphics rendering {sprites, text, animations, collision detection, and more.} ( you can use openGL calls to draw 3d with it ).  Also 3d positional audio, networking, and multi-threading.  Each one of those is seperated into it's own module so you only need to include/link what modules you use.  For example you could just use the networking module and skip all the other stuff.


The beta for ios/andriod has been out for several months so release could be soon.

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Lots of interesting options listed.


Nathan2222: It is, but for some reason, it doesn't truly target mobile browsers and TIZEN. It is the most versatile of the bunch, and I do have a use for it.


NightCreature83: Unreal engine looks good, but if you wanna use it for commercial use, don't you have to pay a fee of $2500?


EddieV223: Looks interesting.




In the end, I'm going to use different engines and frameworks for different platforms. Right now, I'm using GameSalad, Phaser framework, and eventually Unity to cover various different platforms like mobile browser, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, TIZEN, and some others.


To me, this is the best decision since some IDEs and frameworks are optimized for specific platforms. For example, both GameSalad and Unity don't truly cover mobile browsers so I'm going with Phaser for that while only Gamesalad is able to target Tizen. Both GameSalad and Unity cover multiple platforms so games made on that will have more targets.

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