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Turn-based action platformer with ninjas. Also grappling hook.

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Obviously the art is a placeholder made mostly by me. As its a jam entry I didn't really had much time to smooth out the learning curve so the game is quite hard to get into.
Some tips to start you going:
- if you move your mouse while holding LMB you will enter "jump mode" - time will stop and you will see the projected jump trajectory, releasing LMB will make the character execute the jump
- if the game has paused it probably means an enemy has line of sight to you and combat started, zoom out to see where he is
- avoid red targeting lasers, you will get shot in the next turn if you stay where they are
- jump on enemies to stun them, if you see a skull over their heads press it for an epic kill:D
The game title is a complete placeholder and I desperately need a name for it:D I'm open to suggestions.
Here is the game:

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