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[Official] Anime Ninja - Web Based Game Naruto

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New Web Based Game Naruto! No Install, No Download !!!


Anime Ninja
"Naruto" Web Based MMORPG


Video Trailer Anime Ninja
Many years ago, a huge, wicked, and powerful creature, Kurama the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox has attacked the Village of Konoha and killing so many people. To stop this, the leader of Konoha, the Fourth Hokage, sacrificed his life to seal the Demon Fox inside a newborn, Naruto Uzumaki. However, sealing the Demon Fox did not resolve the crisis of Konoha Village, a larger conspiracy has just begun.
Game Background
Anime Ninja, A Web Browser MMORPG, with authentic storylines, authentic abilities, lots of playable Naruto characters, and authentic environments, giving all of you Naruto Lovers the chance to experience the Naruto World!
Anime Ninja provides you various characters that you can pick as your Protagonist, there is 6 Characters in total, divided into 3 Type, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu. Each type of Ninja has their own special abilities and specialties, Ninjutsu Type specializes in  attacking and dealing damage to enemies, Taijutsu Type specializes in defense, and Genjutsu type specializes in supporting and also healing. All of them are very important and unique, so choose wisely, Shinobi!
In Anime Ninja you can also fight against Summons, such as Manda, Ibuse and others, but you cant fight alone as they are too strong for you, you are going to need helps from other ninjas, lots of ninjas, not just hundreds, but thousands! So gather your Clans, Guild members, or team up with your friends, defeat all enemies and become the most powerful ninja in Anime Ninja![/spoiler]

Taijutsu is the Ninja type that have speciality in close combat, this ninja type also has advantage in higher physical strength than Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. With his large physical attack and defense makes Taijutsu type ninjas are very important in battle formation.
1. Taijutsu man is a genius in close combat, initiative and speed makes him feared by the other ninja.
2. Taijutsu Women have a very dashing figure, strong, and friendly. They also have an advantage in close combat.
Ninja with this type highly focused on attack, they have large amount of Physical Attack, besides, Ninja with Ninjutsu type can generate sizable Critical, making them can penetrate the opponent's defense
Both Men and Women Ninjutsu is well known as 'White Tornado'. However, in Ninjutsu women have more impressive appearance
Genjutsu type ninjas are highly trained in using illusion, Magic and Healing Technique. Genjutsu type has low physical sthrenght, making them cannot doing face to face battle. However their ability makes them very important in team, because they can do a Healing or even Magic to stop the movement of the enemy.
- Genjutsu Men is the oldest sister of the family Onmyouji, known for their ability to survive, they are very quick in learning and developing various types and Kinjutsu genjutsu. 
- Genjutsu Women is the younger brother of the family Onmyouji, she is very special and unique, she followed her sister's footsteps by studying Genjutsu.
Ninja System
In Anime Ninja, you can recruit a lot of the crew from Naruto to help in the battleagainst powerful enemies. Each crew has the ability, skill, and different attributes.
3658756_20130815030356.jpg  3658756_20130815030407.jpg  3658756_20130815030417.jpg  
3658756_20130815030430.jpg  3658756_20130815030424.jpg
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Official Announcement

Prodigy Team would like to officially inform to you Captains, about the game service transition related to Anime Ninja.

Starting from March 17th, 2014 all activities and operations in Anime Ninja will be handled by PlayWebGames as the new Official Management and NOT related to “Prodigy Infinitech” by any means. Check the web-change details:

- New Official Website : http://anime.playwebgame.com/
- Check out the PlaywebGame Portal : http://en.playwebgame.com
- Join the Anime Pirates Community : http://forum.playwebgame.com/en
- Gold Recharge : http://payment.playwebgame.com

This transition under PlayWebGames was meant to give all players NEW Gaming Experiences, FRESH excitement and GREATER service quality in the future.

Last but not least, thank you so much for all Captains who have gave their support to ProGamers.

nb: Cherry Credits Payment doesnt work because of this change. We will keep you updated!

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Hi Shinobies,

what else can we proud of beside our ninja's team!!
what is your best ninja?

Join our event "My best ninja showcase" and be a winner by showing your best ninja's to the world!!!

How to join the event?


  • Player should create a VIDEO showing your choosen naruto ninja as your best ninja
  • Player should post the video in youtube or vimeo ( google if you dont know the site )
  • Player should post your video in facebook by sharing youtube link in facebook
  • Player should post the link of YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK in forum. 




What is the terms?

  • The video should shows one ninja as the main character
  • The video should contain in-game preview
  • The video should contain Playwebgame logo
  • Duration of video minimal 1 minutes and maximal is 10 minutes
  • you can combine the anime, manga, and in-game to be your video
  • any video effect is welcome ( do your best )
  • There's no playwebgame staff can join this event!
  • No copycat from other's player video
  • You must use tags in your video : Naruto, Anime Ninja, PlayWebGame, Anime, Event
  • Title for the video is : My Best Ninja Showcase Anime Ninja by: ___
  • Anime Ninja team will choose the winner depend on creativity, views and like in the video



This event will be start in : 7th April 2014 - 30th April 2014 ( any other post before and after that event will be not count )




1st Winner will get : 1000 Coupon + Gift Code

2nd Winner will get : 500 Coupon + Gift Code
3rd Winner will get : 300 Coupon + Gift Code
All participant ( exclude 1-3 winner ) : Gift Code




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Mystic Treasure Isle Event

It is said that there is a mysterious isle in the deep of the ocean.A kage-level ninja has left his treasures there.Lets set sail for treasure island together!!

1. Set Sail,Ride the wind and waves,Search for the legendary treasure. ( Open at 11st April )
2. The mysterious islands which located in the depths of sea hiding the unknown wealth. ? Open at 16th April?Please stay tuned for it ?
3. There are lots of difficulties in the road to treasure hunt, strength and luck are indispensable! ? Open at 21st April?Please stay tuned for it ?
4. The legendary answer will be unlocked, the truth of treasure turn out to be ?! ? Open at 26th April?Please stay tuned for it ?

Treasure Hunt is ongoing, dont miss the wonderful event.

Special Event? Set Sail and Search for Treasure
Duration? 2014/4/11 00:01 - 2014/4/30 23:59

1. You can check in once after logging into the game every day.
2. Click the check-in button will make the wheel spin.The pointer will point at number 1-6 randomly.
3. The image of Naruto will move a certain number of steps according to the wheel.
4. You will receive rewards of the gird where image of Naruto stops at.
5. The game will end when you receive the final prize[/spoiler]


Event 2: Be quick to earn super gifts
Duration? 2014/4/11 00:01 - 2014/4/15 23:59
Range? Anime Ninja All Servers

Terms?During the event, spend 1 gold/coupon will receive 1 point. When you collect enough points, you will be able to buy limited items. Some of the items are free to be obtained.

1. Items are limited, first come first served.
2. Each item can only be purchased /claimed only once.
3. Cannot buy items with Coupon.



Event 3? Magic Box

Duration? 2014/4/11 00:01 - 2014/4/15 23:59
Range? Anime Ninja All Servers

1. You can freely switch Spar Chests that can produce different spars ( There is no limit on the chances to open the chests )
2. Opening the Spar Chests everyday can get extra Spar prizes. The rewarding times are reset next day ( its calculated by a single chest ).
3. Open various chests and receive Magic Box.[/spoiler]


Event 4? Top Up and Win 10% Bonus Gold

Duration? 2014/4/11 00:01 - 2014/4/15 23:59
Range? Anime Ninja All Servers
Description? Top up during the events gain 10% rebate. 

1. Single Top up any amount during the event will gain 10% bonus, repeatedly Top Up will gain bonus repeatedly.
2. The bonus do not count into VIP accumulative gold.
3. This event doesnt overlap with new server first-time top up event, which means you can obtain bonus for both events if you meet the requirement.
Example: If you top up 2000 gold for the first time in the newly opened server, your bonus will be 200 gold (the 10% bonus for your first-time top-up)+200 gold(the 10% bonus for this event), and you will get 2400 gold in total.
Rewards: Bonus gold will be sent to your mailbox after you top-up. Please remember to check your mailbox in time.[/spoiler]


Event 5? Frog Wallet ?Lucky Cat??

Duration: 2014/4/11 00:01 - 2014/4/15 23:59
Range? Anime Ninja All Servers
Description? Players top up until a certain amount during event period, can activate the corresponding lucky cat. Obtain massive gold reward and rare game items from lucky cat.

1. Single top up reaches 1000 gold can activate small lucky cat, single top up reach 2500 gold can activate lucky cat, single top up reach 5000 gold can activate big lucky cat.
2. Each lucky cat can only be activated 1 times.
3. Single top up reach 15000 gold and above can success activate 3 lucky cats at the same time.
4. After successfully activate lucky cat can obtain return gold from lucky cat and item reward, everyday can only receive each lucky cat 1 times, can continuously to receive for 5 days.
5. After success activate lucky cat receiving time can be extended for 5 days, ensure that players can receive all the rewards.
6. Additional Gold does not included in the VIP experience and other events.[/spoiler]


Event 6? Superb Prizes for Single Top-Up

Duration? 2014/4/11 00:01 - 2014/4/15 23:59
Range? Anime Ninja All Servers

[spoiler]Description? Top up during the event to win bonus gold as well as more rewards!

1. Top up in one attempt as required to get reward.
2. You cant get rewards set for other amount of top-up.
3. You will get rewards repeatedly if you top up multiple times.
4. Rewards will be sent to your mailbox, so please check your rewards intime.
Rewards will be sent instantly after you top up.[/spoiler]


Event 7? Top Up to Win Advanced Items

Duration? 2014/4/11 00:01 - 2014/4/15 23:59
Range: Anime Ninja All Servers

[spoiler]Description? During the event, top up to win gold bonus and premium gifts if your total amount of top-up reaches the requirement.
1. Rewards can be stacked. Example: Player A top up 400 gold, and can get a gift pack for topping up 400 gold*1, then A top up 800 more gold and can get gift pack for topping up 800 gold*1, so A get a gift pack for topping up a total of 1200 gold*1. 
2. Rewards will be sent to your mailbox, so please check your rewards intime.
Rewards are sent instantly after you top up.[/spoiler]



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