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Dark Pixel Entertainment

Casual Platform Hopper (Still entirely within Design) Looking for Input

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My company has been working on a few medium sized projects and wants  smaller, more short term, project to work on that isn't as well stress inducing to work on and I want GD.net's opinion on a few things.

Working Title: Cloud9
This game is played with a iDevice. The game is played by, after starting, the player character jumps automatically upon hitting solid ground. Any instance of solid ground would be the starting floor, the different types of floating pads in the air (except trap pads which have negative consequences if you land on them). The game screen scrolls up at the rate that the player is jumping, the screen will never scroll down and as a result if the player goes off the bottom of the screen, they will die. Score in this game is measured by how high the player goes. Throughout the game there are different collectables, first and foremost of them will be the point collectables, which do not influence your score but give you points to use as ingame currency within the store to change the appearance of the map, your player, and perhaps other things. Tiliting the device will make use of the internal tiltometer and move the player left or right depending on which side the device is being tilted to.  If the player moves off the right side of the screen he will then proceed to move onto the screen from the left side, and vice versa. The player must also avoid enemies throughout the course of the game as being touched by an enemy (except landing on them which kills the enemy) will make the player lose, as there is no way to defeat the enemies other than landing on them(A power-up may be added to change this).

tl;dr this is a Doodle-jump-esque game with a few alterations

Planned Mechanics:
Tilt to Move

Using the internal tiltometer of apple Products the Player will move left or right respective to direction the device is being turned.


Moving off screen will "wrap" the player around to the other side of the screen.


"Bounce Pads"

In level the player will bounce(other actions may apply depending on the type of pad) on the different pads to get higher and higher.


Some of the pads may include:

    • Normal, Bounces the Player up a standard height
    • Breaking, The Player can only bounce on this pad once, after doing so the pad breaks
    • Boost, The Player is bounced up an exceptional height.
    • Moving(Horizontal), pad moves at a constant rate left to right, and back again, on screen.
    • Moving(Vertical), pad moves at a constant rate up to down, and back again, on screen.
    • Trap Pads, **TO DO**


Score is Measured by Height

The score for each play of the game is measured by how high the player goes (may also be influence by certain multipliers and other collectibles).



Throughout the course of the game there are several collectibles that when the player collides with them are collected at there effects take place, at this point they are destroyed.
These include:

    • 1 point (common)
    • 2 point (uncommon)
    • 3 point (rare)
    • 5 (must be purchased in store)
    • A boost Item (a super boost, more powerful than boost pad)
    • Powerups
      • o Invincibility (Player cannot be destroyed by enemies passes by them), Timed
        • Super Mode (same traits as invincibility,  any collision with enemy kills them and give points), Timed
      • o Grow (Player becomes larger, and jumps a shorter distance [perhaps slower as well]), Timed
      • o Shrink (Player becomes smaller, and jumps a larger distance [perhaps faster as well]), Timed



There will be a random chance (perhaps an occasional fixed rate as well), for walking enemies to spawn on a pad(normal pads only). Making contact with one of these enemies will result in the player losing, unless you hit the enemy while still boosting, in which case nothing happens to the enemy or the player, or you land on top of the enemy, in which case the enemy is killed and the player gains some in-game currency.



There will be multiple sounds included within the game, these include and are not limited to:

    • Menu Music                <--
    • In-game Music            <--May all be the same
    • Shop Music                 <--
    • Jumping
    • Collecting Point collectibles
    • Collecting a power up
    • Power up wearing off
    • Starting
    • Death
    • Beating high-score



In Game Store

Using in game currency you can purchase:

    • New Characters
    • New Maps
    • Power-ups/ other benefits
    • In-game benefits (do not stack)
      • o Headstart (Start off with a very large boost that throws you very fast, and quite far up into the air, unable to be killed by enemies while head starting)
      • o Armor(three tiers, each is respectively more expensive, 1st protects form the first enemy you collide with, 2nd with the second, and so on)

Using Actual Transactions you can purchase:

    • More in-game currency with Actual Transactions
    • Removal of Ads
    • Purchase a 5 point Collectible to earn more in-game currency


This all is the design I've been working on for the past few days, receiving input from friends and family, and I've decided I want the input from the GameDev community especially because none of you will be biased or scared to hurt my feelings. I'm looking for criticism in every way. This game is still entirely within the design process, haven't even told my art guy about it yet, and I haven't even attempted any code for it yet, and as a result I do not have any screenshots for it.

All and all I have a few questions:

Listed above...

...what is your favourite mechanic?

...if any, what mechanic do you think doesn't belong?

...do you think I missing?

...should any be changed, if so, which and how?


After trap pads it says *TO DO* I would like to know what traps a community of gamers would like to see. The run-of-the-mill spikes, or something like that? Or something original and never before seen? Perhaps somewhere in the middle, whats your opinion?

Other than these questions is there anything in particular you would like to say or ask? If so, please do so.

(Gamemaker:Studio is what will be used to make this game though our developer has experience in other languages mainly Java, C++, C#, and Turbo Pascal, our team is comprised of a year 11 student, a year 12 student, and a University student)


    Noah Smith

    Founder, Designer, and Lead Developer of Dark Pixel Entertainment

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