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Tic tac toe game assistance

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I've been working on this tic tac toe game for a while. I just beat my idea block on how to solve my problem but I thought I might need help implementing the idea. From other tic tac toe games I've saw my coding appear to be using way more functions and I heard this was bad but I'm trying to learn so there nothing I could do.


If you want to see the full code visit the thread I made on lazyfoo


Other wise I want you guys to take a look at this piece.


My problem with the code is when I press certain buttons, more than one activates. After thinking about the cause I got an idea of what I did wrong

What I think I did wrong was checking to handling all the buttons at once instead being base on the condition to handle them. My solution go like this 


If there is an event to handle and if that event is equal to myButton or myButton2 etc, handle the event for that variable if not do nothing. Am I thinking in the right way with my solution? If not help please.

 //Make the buttons 
    OX myButton(1, 0, 26, 31); 
       OX myButton1 (28, 0, 54, 31);          
          OX myButton2 (56, 0, 82, 31); 
             OX myButton3 (1, 33, 26, 64); 
    OX myButton4 (28, 33, 54, 64); 
       OX myButton5 (56, 33, 82, 64); 
          OX myButton6 (1, 66, 26, 97); 
             OX myButton7 (28, 66, 54, 97); 
                OX myButton8 (56, 66, 82, 97); 


    //While the user hasn't quit 
     while( quit == false ) 
         //If there's events to handle 
         if( SDL_PollEvent( &event ) ) 
             //Handle button events 

             //If the user has Xed out the window 
             if( event.type == SDL_QUIT ) 
                 //Quit the program 
                 quit = true; 

         //Show the button ;;;;;;;;; 

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