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Nowhere-01, a surreal third-person survival horror inspired by Silent Hill

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Hello, gamedev community! I'd like to present you with the project i've been working for quite a while.

It's called Nowhere 01 and it is a third person survival horror game, set in a surreal world which gradually shifts into darkness and nightmare.




The game is majorly inspired by early Silent Hill titles(and a lot of other things, you don't wanna me to get started on). However, it doesn't suffer from many classical survival horror problems. It has free third-person camera, no auto-aim or clumsy controls. But it compensates it with the fact that there's no cross-hair and you need to compensate for recoil. Enemies are not easy to defeat, you'll need to search through darkest corners of Nowhere to find ammo and supplies, to find hints about what happened lately and what is awaiting you, to find your way out.


The game currently is in development by a single person. I am responsible for both programming and art. Nowhere 01 uses custom engine, written in C++ with use of OpenGL and PhysX. The game will be available for Windows and very likely to be ported for Linux.






For more information and screenshots, you can visit indiedb page or game's official web-site. You can also follow me on twitter, facebook or google+ to get updates about the project and like or share it to show your support!


Any  feedback and questions are welcome!

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A few more screenshots, showing how later locations from the game look:







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