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Sound Design (or composer) Resume/CV and cover letter. How to?

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Hi everyone,


So I've been stalking and posting on this website for a while but I never actually asked about this before and I can't seem to find good informations. I'm a student btw.


I obviously understand that, as a sound designer or composer what really matters is your demo reel but the rest is important too. And honestly I'm starting to think that my resume/CV and cover letter(s) might suck since I got multiple good/great demo reel review from pros but I don't have what I feel would be a good ratio of answer/application. 


I actually got only one phone interview for an internship in a french company and sadly they misunderstood the time I was available so it didn't happen. I also have one other planned (but it's not really a game company it's a sound design + audio research studio for video games which is great too) and maybe one more, I'll know in like 2 weeks.


Only this out of probably 60 demands, and I didn't ask many AAA studios (maybe 10 of them are AAA). I feel I should get a little bit more if my demo reel is indeed good. So I figured maybe I don't know how to make a CV/resume and cover letter for this kind of jobs.


Is there anything special to do?


My cover letters kinda changes every time obviously since I adapt it but it's usually one full page. First part I talk about why I write it and why I choose the company, second part what I could offer, third part what I feel I would gain from the internship.


My resume I could upload it tonight if you want but I have one part with "skills" which are bullet points and I have stuff like "Pro Tools", "Wwise", "Max/Msp", "C#", ...


Then I have school degree.


Then experience which is basically my student projects.


And then a little "random info" (not named like that obviously), like I own a car and I play drums for example. 


Do you see anything super wrong? Do you have any tips?


Thank you.


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