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[GAME][FREE][2.3+]Reverse Runner - Twisting the Runner Genre

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CosConnect    114
Everyone has played an infinite runner game.
What if you play as the obstacles instead?
As guardian of the ancient tomb, build traps and see the runners fall one by one like flies before they can reach your treasures!! Get ready to swipe like your life depends on it across 20 chaotic levels!
Drag up or down on the traps to have them stop the runner. If the runner sees it from afar, he will jump over or roll under.
Keep your treasures safe!!!
- 2 Game Modes!
- Over 20 levels of chaotic experience in Normal Mode!! And more coming soon!
- Tower Defense Mode for the advanced!!
- Build 6 different traps to stop the runners!!!
- 4 Enemies with their own characteristics!!!!
Download here - Google Play
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the_visualist    188

The menu music is nice! Also the game idea is nice. And the animations are nice.

Might be just me, but I think the art style isn't perfect yet. Its not very visually pleasing in my opinion.

For example the blue ring: it has two colors (inside and outside) and it stands on a blue block with a third color. And they all kinda look really weird if you use them together like this.

The double axe thing is a much better, the axe colors fit nicely to the gray block color.

Anyway, good luck!


Edit: take a look at the colors in picture: . See how the green background works really good with the orange? Of course this is all subjective, but using complementary colors usually gives you some nice effects in your games.

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