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Mixing Physics and Dead reckoning

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I understand the principles of DR and how it can make a game such as Counterstrike smoother and more enjoyable to play as a multiplayer game. However the player movement in FPS games is very basic, and positional corrections wont cause many side effects. But, what if you have a driving game with full rigid body dynamics. Any positional correction could cause cars to intersect, and all manner of nasties. Ideas ?

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If your talking about full dynamics simulation then there is likely to be too much info to send regular updates.

Possible ways around this could be having the server calculate the positions and effects of physics. Send the clients position info out and have them handle interpolation and a more crude form of detection so you don''t end up with intersections etc. in the final display but remain ''true'' to the physics as much as possible.

FPS games aren''t perfect either as you''ll know if you played Counter-Strike and are running with a knife out behind someone carrying a gun (with relative speed difference you judder along).

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