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Unity loads all black

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Penanito    381

So whenever i load an unity project the scene is always black. I did look around and i found a couple but im rather new to unity and couldn't understand the solutions a bit, plus most of them didn't work anyways.




The problem only happens after i have saved the scene and project and reopen it. Doesnt matter if its fully self-made terrain and objects, or fully imported Assets/scene.

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frob    44908

It does look like a missing directional light. Or perhaps your terrain textures are messed up which is leading to the loading crash.


As for crash on startup, hold down ALT during startup and it will show you various options. Also, there is a log you can review, location is based on your OS. Some problems have well-documented solutions on the site, occasionally as simple as touching a file (changing the last modified date).

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