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Game graphics needed, will pay

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I am looking for someone who is competent at making graphics for an old school role playing game.

Principally I am looking for someone who can make wall tile graphics. A wall 'set' has eleven different files which the engine uses to construct a 'render' of the player's location. I have included three files from a test set that I am working with on the link below.

The game is a fantasy game and the wall sets required are:
1) A rough hewn wall, similar to a rough cave.
2) A 'normal' wall which would be similar to the dungeon walls I have put up as samples in style.
3) A 'well made' wall like for example within a castle.
4) A 'finely made' wall like for example within a manor.
5) An outdoor wall with moss on it like for example an old cottage.
6) An outdoor wall, smaller in size, like for example a dry stone wall around a field.

The eleven walls in each set are split into a number of different levels which represent the distance away from the camera and so get smaller for the more distant levels. An example wall set will be provided which can be used as a template or guide to make the new sets match. The output format will be gif and there must be transparency built in to the image file itself (see the provided files).

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Rent a coder and gamedev are not really swarmed with artists wink.png

Take a look here, thought you might spend more than 85$, but the potential quality could be really high.


Good luck.

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