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JRPG/FPS Hybrid with Unity Engine

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I've had this idea for months now. Thing is, I'm kind of low on money, and Unity 5 pro is 75$ a month. I have a team of five people, but most of them are content creators, not programmers or artists. I don't know tech speak very well, however, I'm reading some books on javascript so I can get the hang of things like assets, which I assume are going to be used for more than things such as object behavior, including an experience/leveling system, you get the picture. It's more of a first person slasher, like the game Chivalry, than a traditional FPS in many ways. The storytelling system is very reminiscent to linear classics like Chrono Trigger, and, of course, the modern FPS genre as well. If I add multiplayer, it will be an afterthought.


Right now the idea of making something that's in close over-the-shoulder third person makes more sense to me than the traditional first person view. I'm still very new to game development, but I've had plenty of experience with "makers" such as RMVX Ace. I'm at the beginning stage of the project where I have to do most of the grunt work myself. Since I can't use Unity too well, despite having previous exposure to 3D modeling in the past, I've stuck to drawing maps in my "designer notebooks". I have a GDD in Microsoft word, but, as of right now, most of it is only committed to script. I feel like making this game is a very long and recursive process. 


I'll keep this thread open for myself, and I'll be glad to any suggestions and advice. I've got most of the class and statistics written down. It's the level design I'm currently preoccupied with at this phase. Before that, it was script writing. I feel like I may be going back and forth with the script, and there are five episodes in total. 


I'm open to anyone who's experienced with animating graphics or refurnishing code helping me, but as of right now, most of what needs to get done has to be done by me alone. I might submit more posts on this thread later, depending on how it gets received. 

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