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DX11 sprites and slices

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Hi guys


So I am working on a weather radar simulation here. A friend of mine helped me capture the cloud sprites from the graphics engine of the simulator and now I want to put them through my own DX11 engine to get the display output.


First of all, here is how they look:









What I want to do is something like...condense them into a single volume, with a color at the spot where there is the highest density of sprites that kinda spreads but weakens towards the edges.


Then I need to take a slice out of that volume that represents the radar beam and display it on a 2D map.


Playing on this level with HLSL is new to me...Any ideas?




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Sounds similar to MPR rendering, multi-planar reformatting, which is used in medical imaging to render a slice through a volumetric image like a CT scan. You could google that for ideas.

Of course you'll need some way to create the volume from your data set. It's a bit hard to tell what you've got from the pictures. Are they a load of quads arranged in space? What to they define, cloud density?

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As I said, they are cloud sprites. A lot of quads with a cloud texture on them grouped together in random shapes and rotations to give the cloud appearance when in game:




So yeah for heavier clouds there will be more sprites.

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