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Plunder Peril - Addictive (and free) Android app

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Plunder Peril - Can you jump, dodge, and loot your way to the top of the leaderboard?


Hey fellow gamedev peeps, excited to announce that after years of making web-based Flash games, I've finally broken into a new market with my first Android game, Plunder Peril!


Free on Google Play: [Link]
Trailer: [Youtube]
Website: [ForTheLoss.org]

If you require a simple yet challenging time-passer, Plunder Peril is the answer.  The premise is simple - from a top-down perspective your only goal is to guide your character around and collect any and all coins you see – oh, and to survive for as long as possible.

Jump, dodge, and loot your way to the best possible score you can achieve.  Submit to the leaderboard to see how well you rank against others in the world!

If you enjoy a good challenge accompanied by fast-paced gameplay, give Plunder Peril a go!


vJPhMPd.png WPHiCer.png vnktVzR.png dr6gIXZ.png

Press Material:
I also compiled some screenshots, information, etc into a convinient zip file for anyone wanting to post about the game.  I appreciate any and all publicity and thank you!

[Press Material]

Thanks for any feedback / ratings / publicity / just playing the game!  Really appreciate it!

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I've Google'd around and asked on Twitter but haven't had much luck, maybe someone here can offer some input.

Is there a source (list of some type perhaps?) of marketing/review blogs that post about Android games/apps?

I know about the "big" ones (indiegames.com, tigsource.com), but I'm looking for more achievable mid-level ones that I can get in touch with.


Appreciate it!

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