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Unity Best game-engine for post-apocalyptic games

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At first, i want to apologize for my english, it's not my main language.


To the point:


I'm currently developing a game in Unity 3D(which is a great engine, by the way!), but figured out that i won't get the graphic-qualities i want. The game is going to be DayZ-inspired, but also more in a The Walking Dead-direction, i basically want it to be how I think a zombie apocalypse is.


DayZ's current problem now is that the Arma engine(Virtual Reality) can't handle more than 20-30 entities or units at the same time, which clearly isn't enough for what i'm planning to do. I think of hundreds- maybe even thousands of zombies in cities.


I've tried a few different engines, but they just won't meet my criteria, because of different reasons.



  • High-tech UI, i don't like that
  • Too much future-ish


  • Kind of like CryEngine, i don't like this kind of layout



  • Pretty much perfect, but it doesn't have the graphic-qualities i want.


Any ideas? It needs to handle an open world, zombie apocalypse game. smile.png



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Graphic quality is, in my experience, mostly limited by the art team rather than the engine for most modern engines. I haven't used the CryEngine, but the UI should be easily skinnable if you know what you are doing. I know you can do the same for Unreal, because I've worked on projects where we've done it. 


If the visual looks are the only thing holding you back from Unity, and you've already devoted substantial resources to developing in Unity, you might as well keep developing in Unity and switch to Unity 5 when it comes out.

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Hmm, i might continue with Unity, then.


The only problem is that i am a terrible designer and model-designer :P If the art team is the thing stopping me, then i'll definitely try to find someone to help me with that.


Thanks :)

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Buy a book on unity there are plenty and will explain customizing the UI.  Also there are packages in the  assets store for better UI construction.

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