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Developing a site similar to redhotpawn

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I want to develop a site similar to http://www.redhotpawn.com/


Have a full time job and need rapid development tools, please recommend some good ones:

webpage: webweaver etc?

SQL: template/engine to mod?

Forum: template/engine to mod?


What are the reliable servers to rent, note the chess games is turned based not real time, don't need so much bandwidth. 


Roughly what is the estimated cost if i get a freelancer to code the site: $3k, 5k, 10k?



Advance thanks. 





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What do you already know how to do? How big does it need to be?
http://socket.io/ could do the game server stuff in a browser, if you're good with the HTML and JavaScript.
Wordpress is a popular site management system; it can run on top of PHP and MySQL which are probably the most common hosted environments (the "LAMP" stack.)
Other options include Ruby-on-Rails on Heroku, or ASP.NET on Azure, if you have to stay on Windows.
If your site is small, you can run it on a shared hosting account, such as Dreamhost.
If/when your site grows bigger, you can move it to a VPS or a cloud instance of your choice; anything from interserver.net $6 VPS slice, to the Amazon Cloud.

A few things of note:
- That site looks like it's been around for a while, and has had a bit of effort put into it. You can't clone something like that in depth quickly, because the content will be missing.
- The speed by which this can be done varies based on how specific you are on how things will look or work. If there exists a plug-in that does "kind of the right thing," that'll be easy to set up; if you need to tweak the defaults, it will take a lot of time.
- The actual chess game playing / UI is a real application, and developing that is unlikely to have a ready-made Wordpress plug-in. You could perhaps start from some open source project.
- The cost of a contractor depends entirely on how much work you want them to do, and how good they are. "Off-shore" freelancers at $10/hour typically aren't very good, because if you're good, you can charge more.
- Setting up an empty shell for a site, with many features, is easy. Populating the site with interesting content, and getting users to show up, and building a community, is really hard work!
- I have tried each of the services I list above, except for the open source chess game, and found them to be a real thing, capable of delivering. There are many others; some of which are good; others of which aren't. Edited by hplus0603

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