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DX11 Storing textures (game engine)

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Just a short question... I need to store and compress all my textures inside a single file...


Its better to save them as .dds, compress using zlib (for example) and load using directX "D3DX11CreateShaderResourceViewFromFile" after decompressing or should I store them as raw pixel data (RGBA channels), compress using zlib (again, zlib or any other) and load creating an empty texture, updating the buffer and then generate the mip maps?


Just some notes:


- Yes I need mip maps always.

- I use the 4 channels (RGBA) almost always.

- Currently I'm using DirectX11 and C++.


Thanks :)

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You should use DDS format. After that, there is no limitation how you'll store the files on the disk ie. singular files or maybe some kind of a file system with single file.


I'm using DirectXTK and DirectX::CreateDDSTextureFromMemoryEx function to create textures from a memory buffer. This allows me to store data on disk however I want and unpack it to memory from where I can create the texture object.



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