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2048 - Power of two - The incredibly addictive game

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Dear all,


I've just made my first Android game after a week of hard work. 2048 - The power of two.

Please have a look and give me some feedback for features, performance, issues or everything you think it need to improve. Just let me know.

Google Play
- Swipe anywhere on screen to move the tiles, when two tiles have the same number next to each other, they merge into one and double the value.
- You win when you got the 8192 tile.
- You'll unlock ACHIEVEMENTS along the way.
- Your highest score will be saved to the LEADERBOARD automatically when the game ends.
- Leaderboard of TIME for the large numbers achieved.
- All game states will be SAVED when you leave.
- High PERFORMANCE for OLD mobile.
Screenshot_2014-03-20-15-43-08.png Screenshot_2014-03-20-15-43-58.png
Screenshot_2014-03-20-15-44-38.png Screenshot_2014-03-20-15-51-50.png
Screenshot_2014-03-24-10-47-11.png Screenshot_2014-03-24-10-47-27.png
- Harder modes for experienced players.
- Multiplayer online.
- More achievements.
Thank for reading. Have fun gaming.
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@fastcall22: absolutely, but my game doesn't allow that, maybe the help screen makes it misunderstood?

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@Xiaoan: yes, I was so addicted to it. So I decide to put a little color, achievement, leaderboard, time record, save state and bring it to android. Enjoy.

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Add a powers of three mode.


You need to get three tiles of the same value in a line to get them to combine o,o


Probably needs a bigger game board.

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@Waterlimon: Oh, 3 same kinds in a line. I think it will harder to play. Maybe in expert mode?

@silkroadgame: Can you please give me some suggest to make it more attracting? Thank you.

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