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3d online sandbox world I'd like help testing!

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So this is a little project I've started working on. It's a multiplayer 3d world. I intend to turn it into an actual game with gameplay soon, but I'm still deciding on what kind of game I want to make exactly. It's gonna be a sandbox game but that's about all I can promise. Right now I really need testers for it, and later I will need some people to make models for me, so if anyone wishes to help, let me know.

Graphical Features:
  • Shaders
  • Lights
  • Emitters
  • Model loading
  • Sprites
  • Transparency
  • Height-mapped terrain
  • Sky boxes
  • W - Forward
  • A - Left
  • S - Backward
  • D - Right
  • F - Zoom
  • Space - Jump
  • R - Place light
  • M - Freemouse
  • Escape - Exit
  • T - Open Chat
  • Enter - Send/Close chat
  • Home - Move emitter 0 up
  • End - Move emitter 0 down
  • Page up - Move emitter 0 forward
  • Page down - Move emitter 0 backward
  • Insert - Make emitter 0 more yellow
  • Delete - Make emitter 0 more red
  • Q - Toggle player light

Download and try it out:


  • If it doesn't even start up, post your logfile.txt on this thread.
  • If the main screen comes up but when you hit enter it says it couldn't connect, let me know, and I'll start the server for you.
  • If you connect and the terrain doesn't load and the same join message is repeated over and over again, just restart and try again. That's a bug which happens randomly on occasion that I'm trying to fix.
  • Dislike the control scheme, mouse sensitivity, resolution, or other settings, then edit settings.txt. If there is none, one will be created once you launch the program.
So if you have any complements, bugs, or suggestions I'd love any feedback. Edited by Syerjchep

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Seems nice but did you just list "Shaders" as a graphical feature? How else would you render a game these days ? smile.png

Guess I meant this game uses GLSL and OpenGL 3/4 whereas my previous projects were OpenGL 1/2 with fixed function pipelines.
Most of your OpenGL tutorials and thus a disproportionate amount of indie-games using OpenGL use OpenGL 1/2 still.

Added some screenshots to the OP.

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This is great, I'm trying to give constructive criticism.

*I am a beginner and this project is way beyond my skill level*


  • High sensitivity try adding and adjustment option (ingame) to the sensitivity
  • Jumping animation isn't smooth and you jump a little to high for my liking
  • Try adding a menu when you press ESC instead of exiting the programming automatically
  • Pretty up the menu a bit, it's kind of bland add a background that is more exiting.



Great job as I said earlier, I am not hating just trying to help you out. wink.png

Edited by gprogrammer122

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